Essential Intelligence reports you should be leveraging

Earlier this month, we had the great pleasure of welcoming you to our 12th annual Concur Fusion event in San Francisco. We previewed a special track of sessions in a previous blog post designed to help you better leverage Concur analytics and reporting. Intelligence from Concur measures and analyzes your T&E and AP automation programs and helps you gain valuable insight into how to proactively manage all aspects of your business’s finances.


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The hands-on workshops held on Monday and Tuesday that required preregistration were completely full! Headed up by members of our managed reporting and development teams, they   were available to answer questions and assist attendees in building reports to gain a better understanding about the data in their reports.


Our robust and comprehensive analytics system has over 180 reports available in the standard report catalog. So we understand it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, especially if you’re new to the system. In session 109, “Analytics 102: The Essential Standard Reports You Should Be Leveraging,” we began with the question, “Have you ever wondered if there’s a report you need that already exists?” This proved to be a popular concern. The goals of the session were to:


  • Identify key standard reports available in Intelligence
  • Discuss ways to interpret the data on those reports
  • Provide steps you can take once you interpret the data

Here are some of the reports we covered:  


Unassigned Credit Card Transaction Report

You can use the Unassigned Credit Card Transaction Report to view all unassigned credit card transactions NOT assigned to an expense report. This report, found in the Accrual folder in Intelligence, gives you visibility into your outstanding liabilities by identifying transactions with a date greater than the number of days your policy allows for reimbursement. Once you identify these transactions, you can burst out the report for the individuals violating policy and determine opportunities for better training employees on your policies.


Concur - Unassigned CC Transaction  


Duplicate Meal Attendees Report

The Duplicate Meal Attendees Report, located in the Intelligence Fraud folder, identifies expenses where the same person is claimed as an attendee on two different expense items on the same day. Once you identify a duplicate attendee, you should investigate why this occurred. There are cases where this could be a legitimate situation where the same person is taken out to multiple meals. However, this could be fraudulent if two different employees claim the same person as an attendee for the same meal. In that case, you have an opportunity to collect spend that is not a legitimate business expense.


Concur - Duplicate Meal Attendess  



Top Spend by Vendor Report

Found in the Spending folder, the Top Spend by Vendor Report ranks vendors with the highest amount of submitted expenses during a specified timeframe. With this report, you see where your budget is spent and where there are opportunities for savings. By identifying employees not spending with preferred vendors, you create potential employee training opportunities and opportunities to work with vendors on negotiating supplier discounts.


Concur - Top Spend by Vendor



Covered in this session were nearly a dozen reports like the ones mentioned above in addition to the Expense Entry Analysis, Workflow Cycle Times, Duplicate Expense Items and Hotel Expense Exceeds Negotiated Rate reports. The main purpose of each report, key data points and results you should look for were covered for each report. We also answered the question about how to use this newfound information effectively to improve your spend management processes. Are there reports that you would like to see or learn more about? Tell us in the comments below, or on social media via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.



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