Renowned Engineering Firm Turns to SAP Concur for a “One-Stop Shop” Travel Solution

Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a Fortune 500 company, is no stranger to innovation. As the company’s website puts it, “The ability to invent, envision, and create something new is central to ITW’s longevity and profitable growth.” Because of its long history of pioneering new solutions to complex challenges, ITW eventually turned to a similarly innovative set of solutions from SAP Concur to help move their thousands of employees around the globe.

Before switching to integrated SAP Concur solutions, ITW was spending $3 million each year to service only their U.S.-based employees. “With SAP Concur, we have been able to shave a million dollars off and we’re now servicing 33 countries instead of one,” says Cathy Sharpe, the Director of the Global Travel and Expense Group at ITW. Watch the video to learn more about how ITW is running at their best with SAP Concur.

To find out how you can achieve similar travel and expense success to ITW, check out Concur Travel today.


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