Empowering Employees with Mobile Solutions

Want to enlist your employees in managing spend? Make it as easy as possible for them to use your tools. Don't just take it from us. SAP Concur customers share how it works — and what you gain — when you combine your expense reporting with a mobile solution:

"Our sales folks love the fact that they can take pictures on-the-go, and that they then log in, do a couple of clicks and they're done with their expense report. Whereas before it would take a couple hours to do an expense report.” says Jennifer Gettman, director of expense management at Cisco Systems. “What SAP Concur brought to the table was an amazing user experience [and] mobile capabilities right out of the box."

It just makes sense: as consumers, employees have access to countless mobile devices and apps, and they’ve come to expect the same kind of flexibility and ease out of their corporate applications. Mobile applications benefit the user, letting them fill out their expense reports on the go—but they can also help you fulfill duty of care by alerting them of emergencies and giving them accurate, up-to-date information they’ll need for client calls, like up-to-the-minute stock prices, weather, directions, etc. Mobile makes travel and expense management more efficient, so your employees can focus on the task at hand rather than logistics.

We’ve found that when companies invest in a robust travel and expense management solution, they save money. Usually, the investment pays for itself inside five months. A report from research firm IDC found that employees using a modern, efficient travel, expense, and/or invoice management solution cut their travel booking time by 78%, and time spent completing an expense report by 60%.  Additionally 62% more employees were found to be compliant with their organization's T&E policy. The result on the bottom line?  IDC determined that the SAP Concur customers surveyed achieved benefits of $1.96 million per organization per year with an ROI of 650%.

At VMware, leadership has much better visibility into expenses than it did before moving to SAP Concur solutions. Concur Detect has enabled us "to look at every single expense report that's submitted, to really monitor compliance, look at spend categories, and help provide meaningful analytics and insight to the business,” says Brian Dela Pena, senior director of accounting operations at WMware. It’s also a big hit with users, who want the flexibility to fill out their expense reports from anywhere. “It's surprising how easy it was, using the app, to be able to just take a picture, and then get that receipt imported into Concur," adds Suraj Dyre, lead analyst, BTA Finance. 

With SAP Concur solutions, Globe Telecom has visibility of the entire process of managing the organization’s expenses and has improved the employee experience. "We have this circle of happiness in Globe," says Suzelyn Urbano, senior director of enterprise services. "And we say that if we have happy employees, we will be having happy customers, happy customers will actually give you their business, and now we have happy stakeholders."

Here’s the bottom line: When you make it easy for your employees to comply with your travel policy and compile expense reports, you benefit from increased efficiency, productivity, policy compliance, and real-time visibility into spending trends.

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