Employee Spotlight: Teresa Kearney

Teresa Kearney is a woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

She loves the nitty-gritty of her job as a Program Manager for Concur. Often, she serves as a liaison between R&D and an array of groups: Implementation, Sales, Clients, Support. The variety really keeps her on her toes, and she’s using her CPA and accounting background in a completely unconventional way to better understand what Concur’s clients need. One day, Teresa could be validating a new feature design with the Implementation group. The next, she could be researching a technical issue with Support. Or she may be touching base with Sales to hear what clients and prospects are saying about a brand-new feature. Her 12+ years with Concur have been eventful, to say the least!

When she is away from work, Teresa can often be found outside. She enjoys gardening, “and involving my kids in the dirt as much as possible.” She and her husband of 20 years live on five acres in Washington State. Their seven-year-old boy and five-year-old girl have plenty of space to run and play with their two dogs, a German Shepherd and a four-month-old Hunt Terrier. The puppy has just been enrolled in a class based on law enforcement principles of K-9 search and rescue. These two dogs keep the family safe and secure.

The gorgeous outdoors often figures into Teresa’s other hobby - photography. This summer, the lake will be picturesque as the family spends a lot of time boating. As for their ”rustic” cabin, they’re working on it!

Teresa isn’t sitting on the lakeshore watching new technology float by. Already, she’s involved in cloud-based tools. For small business customers, she leverages the Intuit Partner Platform, which relies on cloud-based technology to exchange accounting data with Concur bi-directionally. This allows clients’ accounting data to be auto-populated in the expense solution, virtually eliminating manual data entry during the setup process. Further simplifying the process, clients can then pass their approved expense transactions back to QuickBooks in the desired format.

Teresa says her life at Concur is “never dull, always a challenge.” Constantly pursuing the cutting edge of evolving technology will keep her on the go, much like her family does when she’s away from the office.

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