Employee Spotlight: Joe Martino

When Joe Martino isn’t coaching Concur Advisors and clients, he can be found on the baseball diamond, basketball court, football field or golf course, coaching kids.A five-year Concur veteran, Joe has worked more than 5,000 hours in community service through the Boys and Girls Club and Kirkland American Little League in Washington State.


Joe loves living in the Evergreen State, and at every opportunity he and his family spend time in the mountains or on the water.Joe and his wife have four - as he calls them - “exuberant” children.“Having the opportunity to walk with them through life and see it in their eyes is the greatest gift in the world,” he says. Joe also loves the culture at Concur.“It’s exciting to work with such an innovative company that delivers in all areas!”He says he learns something new every day that really keeps him on his toes to help clients build better, stronger and faster businesses.

One such client - an Advisor - partnered with Joe to bring a customer into the 21st century at lightning speed.Joe asked for the Advisor’s customer with the least technical knowledge.The small business they chose had 18 users, with a corporate card account but no controls or formal tracking in place.Period.Add to that, most of the users had never even used a mobile app.Still, Joe and the Advisor had the company up and running within the 30-day trial period.Not only did they adopt the mobile app quickly, but they also updated to Concur’s Intuit Anywhere (with seamless QuickBooks integration) as soon as it became available.

Joe says every business he deals with has unique needs, so that makes every workday different.He works to identify client needs by facilitating discovery and then through coaching sessions.Showing Advisors and their clients which of the Concur suite of tools best meets their needs is gratifying.Joe further supports Advisors and clients by hosting Concur webinars and end-user training.

Being constantly on the go makes mobile apps a way of life for Joe.In addition to apps created for events he attends for Concur, he uses Hootsuite to communicate via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, all at once.He uses Around Me for directions and Gas Buddy to get the best deal on fuel.And for managing his busy family, Joe recommends Cozi to synch-up everyone’s calendars for school, work and extra-curricular activities.

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