Employee Spotlight: Blake Yonago Enjoys Helping Customers Get Their Time Back

As a guy who enjoys meeting new people, Blake Yonago seems to have found an ideal niche at Concur. “Every day is different, which makes Concur so appealing,” he says. Blake has been with the company more than three years. He’s a Regional Sales Executive in Redmond, Washington. He says he spends much of his day educating clients and prospects about the features of Concur Breeze. Many small businesspeople don’t even know some of the useful features are available to them.

“We offer a tool that gives people hours of their lives back,” Blake explains. Often, his team will meet accountants who spend entire days tracking down receipts and completing expense reports. That robs people of precious time. Blake tells the story of one client who called after a few months using Concur Breeze: “She can now attend her daughter’s dance recitals because she’s not stuck in the office tracking down reports, reconciling her corporate card transactions and manually entering everything into QuickBooks.”

In his own free hours, Blake is an avid golfer. He also enjoys spending time in nearby Seattle, hiking and going to the lake with his dog, Zoe. Blake grew up farther east out Interstate 90, in Spokane, where his parents still live. He and his two younger brothers get a kick out of causing people to do triple takes; they all look almost exactly alike! “Luckily for her,” as Blake puts it, his younger sister doesn’t look like her brothers.

Blake enjoys the people he works with every day. He says that creates a great work atmosphere, where everyone gets along well.“Many of us have different interests or are in different phases of our lives. But I think that’s why we mesh so well in the working environment,” Blake says.

His emphasis on nurturing good connections with people is evident in his current choice of reading material, “Never Eat Alone,” by Keith Ferrazi. It offers “Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time,” according to its subtitle. The book stresses the importance of helping others get what they want from life, even as you accomplish your own goals.

Blake works to enrich the lives of his clients, by offering them a dynamic tool that will give them back more of their time to enjoy. And if they need any ideas for enjoyment, he recommends Seattle in the summertime!

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