Employee Profile: Tricia Manning Smith

Concur Start Date: February 17, 2014

Hometown:Maquoketa, Iowa

Favorite City in the World:Luang Prabang, Laos

Favorite Workweek Lunch:anything new and different that I’ve never tried before.Ideas?

Pets: 3 rescue kitties; Eli, Kloe, Amber (My story, seen only through my own eyes, would miss a lot of perspective.So, I’ve asked people close to me to answer some of these questions,  from their viewpoints.)  

What’s your secret superpower?

(As told by my best friend) “Tricia’s ‘superpower’ is her unique ability to humbly yet confidently and accurately size-up situations, evaluate risk and make sound decisions in dynamic circumstances, innovatively adapt under pressure, and work 25 hours in a 24 hour day -- all while maintaining her focus and trustworthy professional demeanor.”



Tell us about you in 100 words or less

(As told  by my 16 year old daughter)

  • “You’re MOM.Mom is not a word you can define.That’s like asking how you would define love.You cannot really accurately define those, but they go together.Those are just things that ‘are.’
  • You’re adventurous.You always like trying new things and go new places.You have a travel itch.
  • Work is what you do, how you spend your extra energy and passion, which you have a lot of.”


If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn?

(answered by myself) The mastery of being omnilingual.  


What inspires you to be who you are?

(Answered by myself) The drive to learn more and to be better than I am.


What personal accomplishment are you most proud of? (outside of work)

(Answered by myself) I’m honored to have shared true, cross-cultural, human connections with people in many other countries.I’m so humbled that people trust me with their life stories.


Tell us how your (life) journey landed you here at Concur?

(As told by my mom) “Each of us was born to do something.We need to find out what we enjoy doing the most, and aim towards doing that.I told both of you kids that (while growing up on the farm).So by the time you were little, you realized that you enjoyed expressing yourself with the goal of helping others enjoy life.Then, everything you got involved with, was just fine-tuning that.  Your gift is communications, journalism. Your 22 years working in the field (as a TV News Reporter) honed in on that, zeroed in on that.  You fine tuned ways to help others ‘feel’ and accept what YOU were seeing and feeling. Then, each of our lives goes through seasons.Some incredibly challenging life circumstances helped you realize it was time to move on.  (Surviving cancer) squeezed you, refined you like gold. Out of that comes your best. When you got to Concur, your life experiences totally set your feet on a different level of new knowledge, new terminologies.Now, you’re being trained in other ways.Now, this is where you’re supposed to be.   Now, you are coming full circle:touching other peoples’ hearts, feeling and sensing how others are feeling in a situation, and finding new ways to help them.


What’s the best thing about working at Concur?

(As told by my Dad) “You’ve got a very good boss, who trusts you and empowers you.That is super.At least you know you’re appreciated.That means so much.You can go home and feel like you’ve accomplished something.Plus, you’ve got some great benefits with stock options and vacation time.Seems like the perfect set up for success.”



What do you feel is unique to Concur that other companies don’t have?

(Answered by myself) Concur has what you just don’t see in American corporations:heart.The same three founders are still here running the ship, and that makes all the difference in the world.  Here’s what I’ve personally experienced:

  • Our CEO and CFO go on bike training rides with employees on their days off. They personally answer my emails.Wow.
  • Our COO asks interns their opinions. He really “feels” our customers’ feedback and works firsthand to address concerns as they arise.
  • Our EVP/GM Travel and Expense still makes time to take people out for coffee and honestly inquires about their families, even as he maintain his own rigorous schedule of constant international travel.
  • Our EVP/GM SMB is savvy and competitive, literally breaking the business trail where none existed.Yet, she lives her passion for making a positive difference in our community, encouraging others to find the best in themselves.That’s a true role model.
  • Our leaders carve out time, every single month, to travel around the world and personally meet each new employee.Priceless.

I am honored to be part of this personal, ambitious team, which truly cares about maintaining a positive culture, while competitively executing on innovative ideas!

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