Employee Profile: Senad Mustafic


Name: Senad Mustafic
Concur Start Date: March 11, 2013
Hometown: Novi Sad, Serbia
Favorite City in the World: In my heart, any place in Serbia or Montenegro, plus Portland (OR), Tucson (AZ), Seattle (WA). Those are the places I have lived in, to which I am connected through people and experiences. To visit for work: Mumbai; to visit for vacation: the island of Kauai.
Favorite Workweek Lunch: Nearby: Market Fresh or Chipotle; a bit further: Spice Route
Pets: None.
What’s your secret superpower? If I had one, it definitely wouldn’t be a secret.

Senad Mustafic - 5 - in India


Tell us about you in 100 words or less: I am Senior Manager of Special Projects in our Global Finance department. Nowadays, I am mostly focused on integration with SAP. I deal with the change from the U.S. set of standards to an international set of standards and I try to make sure that integration runs smoothly. Previously, I have been involved in our own acquisitions of, and investments in, other companies which included work to assess the risk and accounting impacts of such acquisitions and investments. I was also part of a team which prepared all of Concur’s external financial reports and earnings releases, and oversaw our risk assessments and control testing.


If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn? There are so many things I would love to learn… perhaps, to ballroom dance at a decent level of quality, or maybe to sing like Sting or Leonard Cohen.


What inspires you to be who you are? I grew up in Serbia in 1990s which meant years of economic instability that culminated in 3 months of bombing in ’99. I watched my parents fight to provide an ideal childhood for my brother and me, and despite all those challenges, I consider myself to have had a fantastic childhood with wonderful friends, family and diverse, vivid memories. I am inspired by the unlikely:  by situations where a common assessment or approach would predict failure.


What personal accomplishment are you most proud of? (outside of work) When I was an exchange student, during my senior year of high school, I sporadically worked as reporter for a Serbian sports news agency focusing on the NBA. At the time when I joined, the agency was still pretty new and nobody from the agency had yet interviewed any NBA players. With help from my high school history teacher Brad Smith, I gained access to the locker rooms at Portland’s Rose Garden and interviewed a list of Sacramento Kings players (Chris Weber, Mike Bibby, Vlade Divac). Later on, the agency evolved and provided me with credentials, so during college I attended many of the Phoenix Suns games down in Arizona and interviewed a large number of players. I became friends with Boris Diaw and even hung out with Eva Longoria once. I remember once giving Tony Parker’s father a ride to the airport in my college car. It was quite fun.


Senad Mustafic - 2 - with Eva Longoria


Tell us how your career journey landed you here at Concur? I believe in making choices that maximize future potential and provide the most opportunity. I was very happy at my previous job. At that time, I thought there were about 5 different criteria a new job would have to offer in order for me to give it a consideration. One day, a recruiter called me and discussed how Concur covered all 5 criteria: high-growth company, international presence, management with instinct for adventure, challenging assignments, opportunities for personal growth. I had to give it a consideration. Through the interview process, I realized that this was the next place for me. I’ve never regretted my decision. Coming from public accounting, my main concern was that I wouldn’t be challenged. However, in my two years at Concur, we’ve done 4 acquisitions of other companies, numerous investments in other entities, and a full list of other interesting projects and transactions. In the process, I’ve visited our offices and developed invaluable personal and business relationships in Mumbai, Prague, Amsterdam, London, Minnesota, and more. My time here has been nothing but dynamic and exciting. I haven’t been bored once.


What’s the best thing about working at Concur? This is a place that thrives on tackling the unknown. We are a company that is not afraid to go forward, to explore, to try things others have not. We are not afraid of failure and we are not afraid to trust our employees to be able to find answers to challenging questions. For somebody who likes high-growth environments it would be difficult to imagine a better place than this one.


What do you feel is unique to Concur that other companies don’t have? Ping-pong table and a soda machine that rivals the one at Taco Time. (I'm just kidding, although both statements are true.) Concur has a sense of community, togetherness. Our CEO, one of Concur’s founders, is still with the company. Through his stories, you see the path that Concur has taken over the years, the challenges that the company lived through and how they’ve tackled uncertainty. It all makes sense and is so easy to get behind.

Senad Mustafic - 3 - in Montenegro


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