Employee Profile: Chad Minnick, Sales Trainer and Networking "Godfather"

Concur Start Date: August 2, 2010

Hometown: Kirkland, WA (but grew up in Fort Wayne, IN)

Favorite City in the World: Hmmm… Toss between Vancouver BC or San Francisco, CA

Favorite Workweek Lunch: Nibbana Thai, right down the street from the Bellevue Office

Pets: Do 13 year old boys count?

What’s your secret superpower?  Networking – through work and all my volunteerism, I’m one of the guys that knows a guy or gal that can help.I’ve been dubbed The Godfather at times...


Tell us about you in 100 words or less:

I currently work on the SMB Training Team, helping our internal teams keep up-to-date with Concur’s solutions and how they benefit our clients.Prior to this role, I worked in tandem with our clients, evaluating their Concur instance and working on making these better.This internal outreach and education gave me a strong understanding of the many ways that Concur can help our clients, and continuing to work with internal Concur teams has been a great privilege.


If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn?

Teleportation.I hate waiting in traffic; I am way too patient at stoplights; and I feel that there are so many more cities I would like to visit.Life would be so much better if I could just teleport places – so much many more things would be done!


What inspires you to be who you are?

My family, for sure.My husband and son continually make me want to be a better person – and provide a more complete life for all of us.


What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

One of my proudest moments was getting married.This may sound a bit simple, but it honestly is.My husband Alex and I were a part of the Marriage Equality campaign in the state of Washington.It was something that we knew needed to happen to protect our family now, and in the future.So, we dedicated nearly 14 months of our lives to sharing our story – and in the end, love won.For everyone.So yeah, I guess you could say that getting married legally in front of our friends and family is one of my life’s greatest achievements.



Tell us how your career journey landed you here at Concur?

Right after college, my career was in higher education – I worked at colleges and universities in the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, specifically in Admission, Financial Aid, Alumni Relations, and Fundraising.I loved helping families and students achieve their dreams of attending college – and even though I don’t work in higher education today, it is still a passion for me.

I made the switch to working in IT and SaaS companies in 2006, with a start-up in Seattle, and then eventually found my way over to Concur in 2010.



What’s the best thing about working at Concur?

To me, feeling that we are on the cutting edge of technology in helping our clients.I know, I know, we are only processing expense reports.But, knowing that through our solutions, we are helping people get back to what they need to be doing – literally curing cancer, finding that next big breakthrough technology, fighting hunger, and establishing equality.Our clients are some of the best people in their business, and if I can do my small part in helping provide a platform that allows them to do their work better – I am happy with my small role in helping create that bigger picture.



What do you feel is unique to Concur that other companies don’t have?

The best thing about working at Concur is that everyone has a unified work ethic, but not at the expense of the individual.I have always felt included and welcome at Concur.I feel that I don’t have to hide myself or my family.The Concurians around me celebrate my work triumphs – and they take joy in my personal wins even more.It truly has been a great family to be a part of.



To learn more about our amazing opportunities at Concur, please visit: www.concur.com/careers


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