EMI Yoshi Plates Up Amazing Savings with Concur Breeze

Concur Breeze simplifies the expense reporting process for small businesses, like yours. Here’s a new client case study that demonstrates how one company uses Concur Breeze to help them increase efficiency, save time and go paperless.

EMI Yoshi’s dynamic sales team travels extensively across the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East—and the company is growing fast. However, the company’s manual expense management system was slowing their progress down. High-level sales representatives spent hours filling out and filing expense reports, which caused confusion, errors and lag time in the A/P system.

“Our CFO said ‘find a solution, and find it fast,’” says CTO Hillel Zafir. “We tried the 30-day free trial and within two weeks we were sold on Concur® Breeze. It’s amazing! It’s cost effective and efficient and the functionality is superb. We have simple needs and this is the perfect, simple solution.” Employees were so enthusiastic about using Concur Breeze; the company experienced 100 percent adoption within a few days of implementing the solution.

Automated integration of data from corporate and personal credit cards eliminates the guesswork and errors associated with paper receipts on the back-end and provides complete visibility into business and travel spend. “Paper was always a problem,” says Zafir. “Lost receipts. Storage hassles. Hundreds of pages of Excel spreadsheets to review. And, reporting was a major headache. With the Concur Breeze reporting tool, it’s just a couple of clicks, and I have what I need.” Most importantly, Concur Breeze lets the EMI Yoshi sales force focus on meeting with clients, meeting their goals, and moving this successful company forward.

  • Paperless expense management reduces the time spent filing reports from hours to minutes for EMI Yoshi’s sales team.


  • Concur Breeze saves the company more than 90 percent of the costs associated with manual expense report filing.


  • Mobile applications speed and streamline submission, approval and reconciliation—eliminating lag time and increasing cash flow.


  • Automated corporate card integration gives the company 100 percent real-time visibility into employee business and travel spend.


  • 100 percent voluntary employee adoption increases corporate responsibility and reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

“Concur Breeze is the most perfect expense management tool I have ever seen,” says Zafir. “Small companies have to be especially careful with resources and the savings with Concur Breeze—simply unbelievable!”

About Concur Breeze

Concur Breeze is a simple, cost-efficient expense reporting solution designed for small and mid-market businesses that helps take the hassle out of expense reporting, allowing your employees to spend more time making your business successful.

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