Emcee Insight: What to Expect at This Year’s Fusion

Adam Harris is the Director of Business Development at Concur. In 2012, he debuted as emcee of Fusion, our annual client conference. And he’s rocking the mic again next month for Fusion 2013 in Las Vegas!

Last year, on the balcony of the John Lennon Suite at the Hard Rock in Orlando, a client let me shave his head and then style a word into his hair: rad. He did it in the spirit of the conference’s social event, the Totally Awesome 80s Party. But for me, and at the risk of sounding like a high school skateboarder, it symbolized the spirit of our entire conference. Fusion is totally rad.

The best part is meeting clients I’ve been working with over the years, connecting in the camaraderie of our industry. Fusion is a jam-packed week with sessions, trainings and fun – and sometimes a new hairstyle! As emcee, there are a few things to look forward to at Fusion 2013:


Expect energy!


Especially in the morning – maybe a couple notches down from Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam. But I’ll be back in the crowd asking the audience questions and pleading for your input. Help me out! I’d also like to sit down next to some unsuspecting client and, without you knowing, eat some of your breakfast. I’m not sure why, it just sounds like a challenge… watch your bacon.

Receptions, keynotes and one big party

If you are new to Fusion, definitely go to the First Timers’ Reception on Tuesday eventing – you’ll meet all of your peers in the same boat and it’s an easy place to make friends. The opening keynotes with our co-founders really set the tone for the week. The industry vision of Steve, Raj and Mike is always energizing and gives us an idea of where we’re headed next. And the client party at Tao is going to be quite the soiree. Dress to impress!


The Fusion Wave


Our Concur community has so much knowledge and experience that it seems natural we use the Fusion Wave to share what we’re learning in real-time. Twitter is the easiest and best way to exchange info, get updates and interact with others during Fusion. The Wave is easy: Tweet and repeat. I’ll be sharing out my experiences at Fusion using @Concur and #CF2013 – I’d love to hear what you think, too!

Connect with Concur

Fusion was created for you. We have more than 200 Concur employees at Fusion to ensure our clients are getting what they need. If you have a question – ask it! If you have a need – call it out! If you need a date to accompany you to the craps tables… hey, I’m in. We are here to serve you this week, but we also want to know you as a friend. So, introduce yourself! You’ll be surprised at the friendships that may flourish beyond your T&E system.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in Las Vegas – it’s going to be rad! If you have any questions beforehand, give me a shout-out on Twitter @AdamH10 and loop in #CF2013 to get started on the Wave!

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