Earth Day at Concur, today and every day

Today is April 22, otherwise known as Earth Day, a day celebrated annually to bring awareness to efforts to protect the planet we live on, rely upon and hold dear. This year, Earth Day celebrates its 45th anniversary, having brought 20 million Americans to the streets on its inaugural date in 1970 to protest environmental injustices and promote a more environmentally conscious society. Earth Day spawned a movement that continues today and carries on at Concur.


Besides making it a point of doing away with the need for paper receipts and automating your company’s expense management system, we focus on running our Concur offices in a sustainable and conscious way. Here are some ways that we prioritize corporate social responsibility and preserve our planet’s natural resources and commemorate Earth Day, every day.*  



  • Over 200 trees were saved from paper and cardboard recycling.
  • We recycled over 1 ton of aluminum cans.
  • We recycled over 700 computer toner cartridges saving roughly 350 gallons of oil.Did you know that 97% of material in remanufactured toner cartridges and their packaging would otherwise end up in landfills?
  • We recorded over 33,000 boardings on the bus/train/ferry/light rail from June 2013 – March 2014 with a 42% jump in usage through 2014 so far.


Concur Offices

  • The use of automatic lights on timers to reduce excess energy expense when building is not occupied.
  • Use of daylight sensitive lights that reduce their output when more natural light is coming through the windows thus reducing electricity
  • Water saving automatic sinks are installed in restrooms.
  • Furniture is reused and repurposed  when possible.
  • We purchase office supplies from companies committed to the use of recycled paper, printer toners, and office products.
  • Environmentally sensitive cleaning products are used in our corporate headquarters.
  • When we moved to our current Bellevue office space, we reused 20-25% of the carpet in the entire building, choosing to conserve wherever possible.
  • We encourage employees to use power saving modes on computers, printers, faxes.
  • We promote the use of electronic data storage options through our new contract with BOX to reduce paper use/waste.
  • Encourage use of new Coca Cola Freestyle machines to eliminate use of canned/bottled beverages an d provide refillable cups to employees to use for this machine
  • We utilize ‘Follow Me Printing’ services which reduces the number of printing devices down to a ratio of 1 device for every 75 employees thus significantly reducing toner and paper use and also reducing the volume of employee printing.Additionally it reduces electricity use as well.



  • We encourage telecommuting options where appropriate to minimize days employees drive to work
  • We encourage web conferencing and conference calls to minimize the need for employee travel between offices
  • We encourage employees and clients to book rooms and travel with partner hotels/airlines committed to reducing carbon emissions and needless waste
  • We support alternative commute options such as “Bike to Work”, and for our Bellevue headquarters, King County’s commute trip reduction program
  • We provide carpool incentives and encourage the use of an Orca card in the Bellevue, Washington area, which is provided free to those who chose to take the bus/train/light rail to work.

*This data was gathered from our efforts from 2013 through 2014.


Ready to go paperless, help the environment and see smarter expense reporting in action? Please contact us today.  

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