Earth Day at Concur: be the change you want tosee

“Earth Day is a reminder that we all share the same living space, and that we need to be collectively responsible for its care and well-being. It’s only in the last century or so that humans have become capable of creating planetary level change and harm,” says Mike Hilton, Concur cofounder and EVP of Worldwide Marketing. “We only have one place to live – it’s up to us collectively to make the right choices that ensure Earth’s ongoing health.”


For Joyce Clippinger in R&D, “Earth Day means going back to my childhood when nothing that wasn’t broken was thrown away. We never threw away a paper clip, rubber band, plastic bag or bread tie that still had life left in it. My grandmother cut off the unused portion of junk mail or letters and used it for notes. Earth Day is simply going back to those values.”


“I’m just one of 7 billion people – what difference can my actions possibly make?”

“It’s incredibly difficult for an individual to imagine having an impact on a planetary scale,” says Mike Hilton. “It’s what makes the challenge so difficult. I believe that making a difference starts with education. How does human activity impact the planet? What activities are causing the most harm? How do my daily activities stack up? What positive changes, big or small, can I make in my daily routine? I think Gandhi said it most eloquently – ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world.’ ”

For some of us here at Concur, these are the kinds of changes that we’ve made in our lives, tips that you might consider adding into yours:


Reduce your garbage pickup from your city to once a month, saves money on your bill and forces you to recycle and compost mostly everything which you quickly find out you can. – Anthony Mikolasy, Marketing


Bring your own bag to the grocery store to reduce the waste we produce on a daily basis. – Angela Santarossa, Marketing

[Anthony Mikolasy, left, Angela Santarossa]


Look at alternative commutes. Maybe you aren’t near enough to work to ride a bike, or to walk to the bus. You can ride a bike to the bus or join a carpool. Do you need to pick up kids at daycare or run errands after work? Maybe a carpool buddy is okay with that or you can carpool one or two days a week. – Joyce Clippinger, R&D


Think of the natural resources you’re using. Turn off lights when they’re not needed, recycle, purchase earth friendly products, consolidate errands to save gas. – Lorraine Smolkowski, Executive Team

[Jen Alford, left and DK Burnaby, right]


Try to compost and recycle everything! My county makes it so easy, and it is free, so there is no excuse for me not to. – Jen Alford, Facilities


Turn off everything and listen. – John Jacobsen-Watts, R&D


Be creative. When we had to completely replace a very large rotted deck in our back yard, we kept all of the cedar planks and framing and reused every scrap of it. What was in good condition we gave away on Craigslist and other people built small decks of their own with it. What we couldn't give away, we used to build new vegetable garden planters and steps in the hillside behind our house. – DK Burnaby, Human Resources

“Earth Day is a reminder that each of us must take personal responsibility for our planet’s health,” says Mike Hilton. “For me, that is less about anything that you can do in a single day, and more about ongoing awareness and making life choices that can make a real difference.”


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