Duty of Care Day at Fusion

Over the past month, we’ve shared with you the charms and relevance of this year’s Concur Fusion location, San Francisco, a few of the many can’t-miss sessions, five compelling reasons for attending Fusion and nearly a dozen videos of why our global partners and customer return to Fusion every year. We hope you’ve registered for the event happening March 31 – April 3, 2015, which is less than two weeks away. Besides being able hear about new Concur features, enhancements and partnerships, network with over 2,000 of your industry peers and receive CEU credits for your attendance, you’ll experience a special event, new to our 12 years of holding Fusion. We are holding Duty of Care Day on Tuesday, March 31!  

Duty of Care

With the travel industry and technology available continually evolving, we find it necessary to address one of the tenets of any company’s travel policy:their duty of care or risk management program. Our goal is to bring together all travel manager attendees with security professionals to explore traveler safety topics. This special track of sessions addresses and discusses companies’ ethical and legal responsibilities to provide safety and security to all of their travelers and employees—whether they are on the road or not. One exciting aspect of our focus is the useful new tools available to assist you in developing and managing a comprehensive duty of care program. We’ll show you how to leverage technology to your benefit and you’ll have the opportunity to hear from a panel of travel and security experts on the topic. Hear from myself, Jeff Winton, Ralph Colunga, as well as other industry experts, including Brian Tuskan, who oversees the Global Security Operations Center for Microsoft, one of our clients, on their duty of care/risk management program.  

Fusion sessions

Don’t miss these special sessions devoted to assisting you develop and maintain your company’s duty of care program:


201: Employee and Traveler Safety Expert Panel

Tuesday, March 31 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM 2022

Session Type: Panel Session

Track: Best Practices: How to Get the Most Out of Your Concur Investment

Speaker(s): Brian Tuskan, Jessica Keehn, John Coovert, Scott Sunderman

A panel of corporate security industry leaders (both industry experts/consultants and client security directors) will speak about their employee safety programs and how they work with their travel manager counterparts to ensure travelers avoid risk. They will also address how assistance is provided in the event of danger and discuss security best practices.
Key Learning 1: Identify employee safety and security best practices

Key Learning 2: Understand the mindset of a security officer

Key Learning 3: Evaluate your traveler safety program against best in class programs



310: Diverse Perspectives: Travel Risk Management in Higher Education

Wednesday, April 1 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Session Type: Presentation

Track: Industry Focus: Peer Collaboration, Networking and Common Practices

Speaker(s): Adam Breen, Brandi Weden, Cyndy Johnson, Jeff Winton, Jim Cambray, Rachel Leslie

Travel risk management is an ever-evolving hot topic on campus—especially as institutions look to expand global opportunities for faculty, staff and students. Hear from different constituents as they discuss the challenges and opportunities on building, supporting and maintaining a travel risk management program in a non-mandated culture. Approved by GBTA for Global Travel Professional (GTP) Recertification Credits

Key Learning 1: Hear from industry experts on Travel Risk Management common practices

Key Learning 2: Understand differing perspectives to a cross-institution hot topic

Key Learning 3: Bring insightful data back to their workplace and program



412: A Travel Manager’s Perspective: Duty of Care Program Management

Tuesday, March 31 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Session Type: Presentation

Track: Innovation in Business Travel: Connecting the Travel Ecosystem

Speaker(s): Jessica Keehn, John Coovert, Ralph Colunga

In this session, you will hear from a Travel Manager and Security Director, as they talk about their role in developing and managing a duty of care program. Find out how they work together to keep their travelers and employees safe. Approved by GBTA for Global Travel Professional (GTP) Recertification Credits.

Key Learning 1: Understand the relationship a travel manager could/should have with their security counterpart

Key Learning 2: Educate both security personnel and Travel Managers on the importance of cross-functional collaboration (roles, responsibilities and overlap)

Key Learning 3: Learn about the responsibilities of the Travel Manager and Security Manager in times of crisis



504: Leveraging the Platform to Deliver a Duty of Care Solution for ALL of Your Employees Wednesday, April 1 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Type: Presentation

Track: The Concur Platform: Putting it All Together

Speaker(s): Jeff Winton, Jessica Keehn

A truly robust duty of care/risk management program includes and embraces all employees whether they are traveling or not. Office based employees, employees traveling domestically and employees traveling to high-risk locations are equally important … and organizations have responsibility to support all of these employees. In this session, you will learn how advanced programs integrate all types of employee location data and provide open access to all service providers supporting comprehensive duty of care programs for small and large organizations. Approved by GBTA for Global Travel Professional (GTP) Recertification Credits.

Key Learning 1: Question whether or not your current program is delivering duty of care responsibilities

Key Learning 2: Learn about different location data to consider in building a world class employee risk management program

Key Learning 3: Learn how to include all service providers in your risk management program



Don’t miss out on the fun! Register now for Fusion in San Francisco, March 31 – April 3:



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