Discover New Prototypes & Designs at Fusion

Can you really expense from anywhere? That’s part of what the new Concur Labs is out to discover. Over the past months, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by introducing a series of new concepts to simplify life on the road. At Fusion, Concur’s largest annual event, you’ll get to try out prototypes and designs we’ve been developing in our first few months, and sign up for early betas. Here’s a preview:


New Prototypes & Designs at Fusion

App Recommendation Engine - Concur Labs

App Recommendation Engine”— Apps You Need, When You Need Them: It’s a hassle to figure out details for each business trip. With this beta, you book a trip and a geo-targeted list of recommended travel apps comes right to your Inbox or Android device. The service also factors in previous expense data to deliver personalized and relevant suggestions.


Personal Card Expense from a Personal Card in a Click

“Personal Card” Expense from a Personal Card in a Click: With this test service, you can login to your personal bank account and send expenses right to Concur. No more separate tracking, logging, reporting or paperwork. It’s that easy.


We’ll also check out the new Concur IFTTT channel, and get an inside view of “Trace,” which connects your automotive and IoT world to Concur. “Trace,” developed with Ford Motor Company, uses GPS and your odometer to track miles and instantly expense to Concur.


Have a New Prototype or Feature in Mind?

Meet Concur Labs at #ConcurFusion and find out how we work with teams across the company as well as partners and other organizations to pioneer new ideas and prototypes. Richard Puckett, Chris Trudeau, Lance Hughes, Chris Ismael and I look forward to meeting you at these Fusion sessions:

-          Exploring Innovation with T&E, Wed., March 9, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

-          Concur Labs: Designs & Prototypes, Thurs. March 109:00 AM - 10:00 AM

-          Concur Labs Booth in the Expo Hall, Wed.-Fri., March 9-11


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