"Dates Overlap Another Report" Audit Rules Condition

A new condition has been added to the Audit Rules feature of Concur Expense Professional Edition. This condition is triggered when an employee attempts to submit more than a single expense report within a specific date range.

The audit rule is designed to create an exception whenever the system detects that an employee is submitting a second expense report within a date range that overlaps a prior report the employee has already submitted. This is done by comparing the report's Report Start Date and Report End Date header values with other submitted reports. If any previously submitted report falls within that date range, the audit rule is triggered and an exception is displayed. This allows you to require that all expenses for a given trip or period are on a single report, e. g. the submitter is prevented from spanning reports with expenses that logically need to be gathered within a single report.

This improvement helps companies who must enforce date-driven expense reports by enforcing a rule that these expenses must reside on an expense report matching that date range. It would typically be used in conjunction with a rule to validate that all expenses on the report fall within the start and end dates of that report.

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