Cut the Ribbon! Smash the Bottle! Today We Relaunch Our Website

The idea was simple. We wanted to create a website where you could easily find the information you were looking for. It seemed like a valuable way to help you save time in your day, which we know is just as important to you as it is to us. After months of crafting and designing, we’re at the ribbon cutting stage and we couldn’t be more excited to unveil it to you today. A lot of the improvements and enhancements you’ll see are the result of recommendations you gave us.

Two Sites Become One


One thing you might notice right off the bat is that we brought Concur Breeze over to our main site. Our two products Concur Breeze and Concur Premier had been divided up on two different websites. Now that they’re both housed under the same roof, you’ll be better able to see the differences between the two. We’d gotten some feedback that people were confused about which product would work for them, so first things first, we set out to explain how where one leaves off, the other picks up in terms of a business’ size and growing needs.


What it means to you:

  • If you are a small company with dreams of growing, Concur is right here with you all the way. Whether you’ve started a small business with a staff of one who acts as CEO, IT department, and accounts payable clerk, or you’re in a company with thousands of people working all over the world, we have you covered.

Features You’ll Notice

Before we even started redesigning our website, we went out to ask people like you what they thought. What kinds of information were they looking for? What kinds of content did they want to see? Thanks to these recommendations and suggestions, we added a number of new features and improvements that we hope you’ll like:

  • Live Chat – By far, this was the number one feature that people asked us to include. It was such a great suggestion that we went ahead and added access to this feature throughout the site. You’ll see the “Click to Chat” option on the left side of the page whether you’re looking on either the large or small business pages.


  • Resource Center – We’re great believers in the power of word of mouth. Customers want to hear about the experience of other customers. We have customers in so many industries, from manufacturing to financial services to the government sector to the health care industry, that you can hear directly from your peers. Search through our updated resource center for customer testimonials and hear just what other people have to say.


Let Us Know What You Think

As is true for any project of this size, we’re still polishing and improving. If you have any problems accessing information, viewing a page, or if you have any questions or suggestions of what you’d like to see in the future, please email us at Whether you’ve been following along with us throughout the years or you’ve just joined us, we’re glad you’re here. We couldn’t be here today without you. Thank you.

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