Customer Spotlight: Peg Crowley-Nowick

Zipher Medical Affairs Company in Marion, Massachusetts, isn’t large, but its employees were having the same problems personnel at larger firms do:reimbursement for frequent travel and related expenses. So Zipher’s president, Peg Crowley-Nowick, sought the same solution larger companies use, Concur.

“Most of us have worked in the pharmaceutical industry and have used Concur in bigger businesses,” she said.“It’s a useful tool for small business, too.And I never thought it would be this affordable.” In addition, the introduction of Intuit Anywhere (IA) made using Concur even more efficient.“The coding of each job for each client was difficult to get correct.Synching helped a lot,” Peg said.Concur, coupled with IA, has streamlined the billing process, to ensure everything goes right into QuickBooks, for error-free integration.Then, Expense Pay by Concur keeps direct deposit reimbursement running smoothly.

As owner of her own business, Peg doesn’t have a lot of “spare” time, but when she does, she and her family enjoy going to the beach and visiting with friends.She and her husband also love restoring antique cars.In fact, a shiny ’55 Chevy will play a supporting role in their daughter’s wedding this summer!The planning of the wedding has been a big job, but this business leader has great organizational skills, and as the event gets closer, the atmosphere becomes more exciting.

Zipher Medical Affairs provides consulting and contract personnel for pharmaceutical companies specializing in cancer drugs.So it should be no surprise that Peg’s current reading choice is Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee’s The Emperor of All Maladies, a thrilling “biography” of cancer, and the fight to treat, cure and control the disease over thousands of years.Peg says the bookwould be fascinating to anyone because of the style in which it is written.It also offers a look at what’s on the horizon for cancer treatment.

As Zipher heads toward that future, Concur and Intuit Anywhere will keep the company on the right track, with effective expense reporting that saves employees time and effort.

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