Creating a Paperless Office with the Receipt Store

Who would suspect that a receipt, such a small piece of paper, could cause so much grief? You lose one and you might not get reimbursed. You misplace one and you lose an hour or two trying to find it again. You stick them in your wallet or your purse and you end up with a small shrine called “Ode to What Was That for?” With the Receipt Store, you have a new and more convenient way to manage receipts. Available both for Concur and Concur Breeze users, it’s a feature that makes receipt handling and tracking easier. Simply upload your receipts to the Receipt Store (available for emailed receipts, receipts photographed by your smartphone, and e-receipts) and those little pesky pieces of paper are available at your command. Start by entering your email address that you’ll be sending receipts from.

After you’ve verified your email address, start emailing your receipts to the Receipt Store and they’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to do your next expense report.

Users can easily see what expenses require receipts and icons indicate what is required.

The Receipt Store shows your available receipt images. Click and drag the image to the line item and voila, the receipt is attached to that expense. Approvers will be able to quickly see each receipt associated with expenses at a line item level (rather than at the end of the report ). For instance, when the approver sees “Dinner: $45.76” the image of the receipt is right next to the line item. With the receipt attached next to the expense, expense approvals are even easier and faster. It’s also a great way to eliminate paper and help move your office toward becoming even more paperless. If you want to keep your process the way you have it today, no problem. The Receipt Store is an additive feature to the process users are currently working with today. But if you’re looking for another way to associate and track your receipts, then give the Receipt Store a spin. Never lose a receipt again, or waste time trying to find a receipt or remember an expense.

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