Creating a Healthy Balance of Work and Life Can Propel Your Business Forward

Running a small business often means wearing many hats, getting pulled in multiple directions, and sometimes spending nights and weekends working. When time is our most precious commodity, it needs to be spent wisely and not on tedious tasks such as processing invoices and approving expenses. Consider this . . . what if you could take the current time you spend on mundane tasks and put it toward what matters most inside and outside of the office – like implementing more strategic projects or spending time with family and friends? Automation can help.

That is why SAP Concur is celebrating National Small Business Week by focusing on the benefits of creating a healthy balance between work and life, and showcasing how automation can help you create a more productive environment for your employees while accelerating your success.

Automating Financial Processes: A Recipe for Wellness and Growth


Automating processes is a winning approach for small businesses. It gives you the opportunity to create efficiencies, streamline processes, and eliminate tedious tasks, ultimately freeing-up time for what’s truly important. It also sets your business up for success by enabling real-time visibility into spend, giving you the ability to control and manage costs, and surfacing data that can better help you accurately forecast the future. The result: happier, more productive employees and a business that’s well-positioned for growth.

So, as we move into National Small Business Week, I encourage you to carve out time next week to explore the many resources SAP Concur is sharing about the different ways you can add more life to your business. I’m particularly excited about the webinar 5 Signs Your Business is Running You. Steve Strauss, bestselling author and senior USA TODAY small business columnist, and our own Accounts Payable Specialist, Kellee Simmons, will discuss best practices to mitigate or eliminate inefficient processes that are creating work-life imbalance. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn how optimizing AP and expense processing can restore performance and satisfaction.  

Achieving balance between life and work is a personal and dynamic journey that looks different for everyone. Here’s to finding what works best for you and your business!


Wishing you continued health and success,
Christal Bemont 

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