Create Corporate Travel Compliance with Ease and Flexibility

Change for corporate travel is coming faster than ever. As technology advances, travelers are enjoying more choice and flexibility in booking travel through mobile apps and automated services. To keep the corporate paradigm cohesive, new, intuitive technologies offer travel managers an opportunity to exercise continued visibility and control over travel while maintaining compliancy among employees. Smart travel managers won't have to take sides or risk autonomy from employees as new technology rushes in -- private, yet do-it-from-anywhere, open booking will help your company preserve travel control through corporate safety measures while promoting employee resourcefulness. Inherent compliancy is our answer to skipping the headache between travel managers and employees in corporate travel culture.

Gen-Y Ready to Use Smart Technologies

A new survey among Gen-Y employees aged 21-32 years of age revealed that they would ignore company policies that restricted engagement with their mobile devices during the workday. Twelve percent of the 3,200 respondents surveyed said they'd stored corporate passwords and private documents in their personal cloud accounts at some point. When asked, it isn't that employees boycott policies simply for the sake of going against the grain, but that their current corporate culture lacks the tools they feel necessary to improve their on-the-job efficiency. As Gen Y floods the workforce, corporate travel compliance is diminishing; travel policies have not been spared.

Near Or Far, We Can Help Wherever Your Business May Take You

As consumer platforms such as Travelocity or Kayak offer more intuitive tools to automate the travel experience, the growing need for a similar all-in-one corporate travel booking tool grows -- the response is open booking travel platforms. Coupling employee driven travel-booking platforms with applications that store and aggregate private information there's no worry imposed on travel managers that trade secrets or company passwords will be compromised. Nor is their a fight to change behaviors among employees -- an open booking platform steps in to enhance travel and security simultaneously.

Our cloud-based service updates and upgrades automatically to offer a complete online suite of tools for you and your employees through one central platform to automatically improve corporate travel compliance. You can get the most out of business travel with ease conveniently from your tablet or smartphone and get back all the time used to make expense reports.

The Near Future of On-Demand Corporate Travel

Still not sure if you're ready to adopt cloud technology into your travel structure? Near future technologies will further develop to "talk to each other." For example, If your flight is arriving late, your hotel and rental car agency will adjust and coordinate beforehand to save you the headache of rebooking and keeping track of additional receipts. Continued automation will narrow the gap between you and your employers and streamline security -- that's good news for your bottom line.


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