Crazy for Cognos? Most Popular Fusion Session Returns for 2012

What happens when you get a bunch of report writers together in a small room to talk shop? At Fusion 2011, the result was a standing room-only crowd of enthusiastic data wielders, eager to learn more. In one of our most popular sessions last year – “Understanding the Concur Data Warehouse Model” – Concur users flooded the conference room to hear tips, tricks and best practices for creating better reports.

For Fusion 2012, we’re planning ahead for the crowds with two sessions and a lot more chairs. And we’ve got some new tips our experts have uncovered for all Cognos experience levels.

“This session is popular because it applies to reporting on Concur’s travel, expense and invoice services. Attendees leave the session with a better understanding of the data structures and practical tips for writing reports,” says Paul Parter, Concur’s senior director of development and self-proclaimed Cognos nut.

“It can be a tricky process. But I’m excited people get so much out of our session – I really try to design it for beginners and intermediate users, although the advanced crowd can refresh their skills and walk away with some new ideas too.”

Parter will present details on which fields to use and when; date fields to use for specific analysis; making use of custom and concept fields; manipulating recently-added data sets; placing spend categories; as well as techniques on merging data and pre-configured filters.

“This year, I want to focus on not just how things work, but why. For instance, when you join a table to a report, the rows sometimes go away. We’ll explain how we’ve connected things, so you can avoid losing rows of data just because you’ve added more elements,” Parter says.

He also has some tips for first-timers and Fusion veterans on how to get the most out of the conference:

  • Interact with people outside of sessions – you’ll make new friends and expand your skill set. For instance, choose a table at lunch or breakfast that contains people haven’t met yet. Or, set a goal to introduce yourself to at least 5 new people at the reception.
  • Ask lots of questions – Fusion is not the time to be shy! We know you have questions. Just ask.
  • See new things – go to sessions beyond your expertise to see what your peers are up to, and what challenges or innovations face the industry.

“Our session is the first time slot on the schedule and we’re expecting a big crowd,” Parter says. “The Data Warehouse Model a great way to start the Fusion experience because it’s practical – we’re not just talking shop in theory.”

There’s still time to register for Fusion, Concur’s premier client event! Join us May 8-11 in Orlando. Follow the fun on Twitter at #CF2012. Find the agenda and the rest of the session descriptions here. 

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