Corporate social responsibility and STEM education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics makes up the acronym, STEM, and therefore, STEM education. It's National Science & Engineering Week, but more importantly, these subjects are vital to our future, as well as the future of our country and the future of our children. STEM is everywhere:it shapes our everyday experiences, makes our lives more productive and helps us focus on what matters most. Everything from mobile phones to medical treatments are results of STEM industries. In 2009, the United States Department of Labor listed the ten most wanted employees with eight of those ten employees being ones with degrees in the STEM fields. According to the US Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at 17%. These compelling facts are hard to ignore.


Concur now has a committed Corporate Social Responsibility team and the company’s giving priority is simple. It’s STEM. In order for Concur to maintain its industry leadership and competitive position in technology, we have to provide the platform and access for promising students in STEM fields to improve their skills and contribute to society. Science has been identified as a national priority, and here at Concur, we’ve made it a priority as well. Making access to these programs is the number one CSR initiative.






What is Concur doing?

Most recently, we have partnered with the Bellevue Schools Foundation, which is a part of the Bellevue School District’s Elementary STEM Initiative. This five year project, Elementary STEM Initiative, seeks to bring high-quality, engaging STEM curricula and instruction to all 17 Bellevue elementary schools. By developing integrated STEM curricula, the Initiative brings leadership and innovation in education. The program also provides professional development and coaching to build knowledge and confidence in teachers for teaching new science content and any unfamiliar science and engineering practices, including the engineering design process. The Elementary STEM Initiative also aims to expand STEM enrichment and after-school activities for students.



This is just the beginning

Concur also has been providing sponsorship to other STEM supporting programs and initiatives with the primary focus for women and underprivileged youth ensuring they have access to these programs. Along with our efforts to make valuable change in our communities, Concur extends its social responsibility efforts to an individual employee level. We know volunteers are essential in creating meaningful change and we’re aware of the critical role we can play in making an enormous impact. For these reasons, Concur supports employees’ individual passions for non-profits and the work Concurians do by providing 8 paid hours per quarter for employees to donate their time.





We hope that this is a testament of our commitment to our communities and to the environment, both large scale and small. We can’t wait for the many opportunities where we can collaborate and make STEM education a priority.



Will we see you at Concur Fusion #CF2015 in San Francisco? Be sure to stop by the CSR area to join us and our partners at the American Red Cross to make emergency preparedness kits! Check back on Twitter and Facebook to see how close we get to our goal.


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