For the past 11years we’ve been honored to connect with customers and partners at Fusion events. This year we anticipate with excitement the many discussions we’ll have about ways we’re collectively making customers’ lives more transparent, effortless and connected. There’s a lot to be said about these three words. About the power of transparency to help companies understand and manage how their funds are being spent; about the effortlessness of integrated systems and mobile apps that allow you to do more in less time; about connectedness and how the Concur platform enables a comprehensive spend management ecosystem. But we’ll leave those topics for the conference.

This year the theme at Fusion is Connect. And I know I speak for every one of the 4,000 people at Concur, when I say that we’re absolutely delighted to connect with each of you. We couldn’t be more grateful and honored to have you as customers and partners. You’re part of the Concur family.

Being connected matters. It matters in ways that can change the world, which is what makes events like these such valuable experiences. When we partner, when we collaborate, and when we innovate we can create things more wonderful than any of us could do individually. But we don’t get there without connection. It’s so important to see your colleague’s smile, share a laugh together,  understand the diversity of perspectives in this industry. Without that understanding we can’t come together to build the kind of industry we know is possible.

When we connect, we grow. We evolve. We innovate.

There will be memorable moments around every corner in New Orleans, but the central focus of this week for us, is you. We want you to go home having learned a little about Concur. More importantly, we want you to go home with tools that make your lives easier, having made new friends you’ll stay in contact with for many years to come, and knowing that there’s an entire ecosystem of business travel and expense management partners supporting you.

See you soon,




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