Connecting Customers to the Future

Powerful things happen when we focus on customers. By coming together, this industry is making history with each new day.

Last year at GBTA in San Diego, I had the opportunity to talk to the business travel community about “The Perfect Trip.” We talked about how the Concur Platform would bring buyers, suppliers, developers, travelers and travel management companies together, making business travel easier for customers. Since then, we’ve been delighted by the wave of new partners joining the Concur Platform, demonstrating their investment in the future of this industry.

Now Concur is excited to announce the next step in that evolution – an unprecedented partnership with United Airlines. This means travelers who want to book directly on or using a United app will be able to link their Concur and United Mileage Plus accounts. They will get all of the negotiated amenities they deserve via Concur TripLink, and corporate travel managers will still have visibility into their bookings. It’s a significant innovation that delivers a solution that our customers have been asking for. Our customers will save money. They’ll have a new set of tools to keep travelers safe. And businesses will get visibility into how travel dollars are being spent today.

Research shows that as much as 28% of a company’s airline bookings are considered “invisible spend,” meaning that they happen outside the managed corporate travel program. And we think that no matter what your business size, 28% is too much to ignore. We believe you should see where your dollars are going and know where your travelers are, and we believe in making business travelers’ lives easier in the process.

Now, with United Airlines, travelers’ lives are easier, companies save money, and our customers have the data they need to fulfill their duty of care. The future of business travel is a place where this will happen all the time; a place where businesses will focus on connectedness and transparency, allowing us to deliver solutions to our customers’ real challenges.

These are all exciting developments. Concur is honored to have partners like United, who boast over 180 destinations in 69 countries across the globe. And there is more excitement to come. In the weeks ahead, we will see a whole new generation of suppliers join the Concur Platform to help develop our shared vision of “The Perfect Trip.”

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