Congrats to the Inductees of the Business Travel Hall of Fame

While a lot of us would love to take plenty of vacations, we rarely get that chance. Business trips, though? How many people have you met aside from George Clooney’s character in Up in the Air who want to take plenty of business trips? Still, the reality is that some people out there are traveling over 100,000 miles a year. That’s a lot of ground covered. A lot of security lines stood in. A lot of waiting around at airports, hotels, car rentals, and all points in between. Imagine how much work gets done from the terminal, or on the plane.

Despite how much time a business traveler spends on the road, they all want the same thing: to make the most of their time. To find the best and most efficient tools. To make their travel as smooth as possible. To mitigate the challenges of business travel the best they can. We know. It’s exactly what we want, too. And it’s something we’ve been on a mission to solve for people worldwide.

We may have started out with expense report management almost 20 years ago. But over the years we’ve evolved to taking the hassle out of business travel. Our efforts are clearly paying off. By helping thousands of companies and millions of travelers by making the whole process of business travel a little easier, we seem to be in some pretty good company.

Today, the BTN Group and Business Travel News will induct Concur chairman and CEO Steve Singh into their Business Travel Hall of Fame. They’re honoring one of Concur’s founders for “blazing the trails that our industry has followed and exerting influence not only once, but several times in the shaping of what has become today’s business travel landscape.”?

Join us in congratulating this impressive who’s-who of business travel, the inaugural class of the Business Travel Hall of Fame:

We’d like to say thanks to all those far-seeing and innovative thinkers who have been working on behalf of business travelers everywhere. Congratulations to all of the Business Travel Hall of Fame inductees.

And a special congratulations, Steve.

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