Where to Eat During Fusion - A Guide to New Orleans Eateries

With our user conference, Fusion, coming up next week, the buzz around the office and online is electrifying! Here at Concur, we are excited to spend some quality one-on-one time with our customers, partners and each other. But, let's be honest - we are really jazzed that Fusion is in New Orleans this year. I mean the music, the architecture and the food! Mmm... the food... Who isn't excited about the food?

So we asked a few people, where are you most excited to eat during Fusion?


Introducing Concur's top places to eat and drink during Fusion:


Best place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a beignet: Cafe du Monde

Established in 1862 in the French Market, the original Cafe Du Monde serves wonderful hot beignets and cafe au lait 24 hours a day. In fact, it's my parents' go-to place for beignets anywhere in the world. If you've never enjoyed a delicious pillow pastry of sugary goodness, a.k.a. a beignet, we highly recommend grabbing one, or two, or let's be honest, a dozen! The cafe even has nightly music. A quick heads up, they only accept cash, so don't forget to snap a photo of your receipt for your expense report.

Distance from the New Orleans Convention Center - 1.5 miles   

Best place for fresh oysters: Casamento's

This cash-only spot has been serving fresh oysters & other seafood in a compact mosaic-tiled space since 1919. Make sure to try their oyster loaf. Co-owner and founder Joe Casamento really knew what he was doing when he created the now signature "pan bread" rather than using the traditional French loaf. Don't forget to taste a few New Orleans classics such as gumbo and soft-shell crab. My favorite thing to do is sit at the bar and see how fast their pros can shuck a dozen oysters while eating oysters to my belly's content.

Distance from the New Orleans Convention Center - 3 miles   

$2 Tuesdays at The Rum House

We all love to travel here at Concur, especially to locations filled with sun, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters - like the Caribbean. Why not take a little mini-vacay while you are at Fusion to the island spirit that is The Rum House? On Tuesdays they have $2 tacos and $2 beers. Won't your CFO be amazed when you expense a $4 meal? What could be better?

Distance from the New Orleans Convention Center - 2.2 miles   

Best Po Boys: Killer Po Boys 

Located in the back of the Erin Rose Bar, this hole-in-the-wall has the tastiest po boys in NOLA - from the traditional roast beef to the non-traditional roasted sweet potato and local greens po boy. All of the ingredients are locally sourced. Warning  - the bar can be a little filled with cigarette smoke, so you might want to get a sandwich to go.

Distance from the New Orleans Convention Center - 1.2 miles   

Most loved place via our #CF2014 Twitter feed: Mother's Restaurant

Full of big smiles, huge flavor and even bigger hearts, this family owned restaurant treats its diners like they are family. Just like when they opened in 1938, you will see longshoremen in boots and you’ll find plenty of locals rubbing elbows in line with visitors, veterans, politicians and movie stars. Mother’s remains true to its working class origins. Nobody gets treated better (or worse) than anybody else. As Jerry Amato says, “Everybody gets fed. Everybody comes back.” Distance from the New Orleans Convention Center - 0.6 miles

Where's your favorite place to eat in the Big Easy? Share your foodie experiences during Fusion on Twitter using the hashtag #CF2014.  

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