Concur Travel’s look and feel: Making changes for the better

As part of our continuing efforts to improve the user experience for all Concur users, we will launch several enhancements to Concur Travel effective June 17, 2016. The enhancements, which are the result of your feedback, will help you find what you want faster and more easily. We’re adding some important new accessibility features, as well as simplifying the user interface (UI) and making the UI consistent whether you’re booking airfare, a hotel stay, a rental car, or a train ticket.


The processes you’ve learned and use are still the same, but we’ve improved the look and feel of the UI to give you a more efficient user experience. The updates will affect the Booking Results pages for all segment types (air, car, hotel, train). There will be no changes to the flex-faring Air search.


The enhancements will be live with the June release of Concur Travel—you don’t need to do anything to see them.


With these UI enhancements, we have redesigned:

  • Search Results
  • Flight Results
  • Fare Matrix
  • Flight Details
  • Hotel Details
  • Train Details
  • Icons across the site for greater clarity, in some cases replacing them with text:
    • The Lowest Logical Fare (LLF) star icon will be replaced with text.
    • The preference diamonds will be replaced with text.
    • The icons for policy violations now better indicate what action you must take.


Please read on for specifics on each update, including screen shots.



We redesigned the Search Results display to be:

  • Consistent across all segment types
  • Informative, offering the right details at the right time
  • Intuitive, replacing unclear concepts (like the Lowest Logical Fare (LLF) star icon and the preference diamonds) with simple, easy-to-understand text, and updating policy-violation icons to better indicate the action a user must take
  • Accessible, making the Concur Travel experience better for everyone


Figure 1: Newly redesigned Search Results page gives you a more consistent, informative, and intuitive selection.


The Flight Results section now includes:

  • The ability to shop by fare and by schedule
  • Details like the identification of stopover airports
  • A new “Select” button that replaces the old “Quote” button


Figure 2: The Shop by Fare view of Flight Results has a more consistent layout and provides more flight detail.


Figure 3: The Shop by Schedule view of Flight Results provides the details that you need to choose their flight.


The Fare Matrix section now includes:

  • Availability of various airfares and train fares
  • Important information about each option, including company policy compliance, refund information, checked bags, and more
  • Leg-by-leg fare options
  • Indication of whether a branded fare is within policy or not


Figure 4: The Fare Matrix now lets you choose the fare options that best match your needs—without worrying that you’ll run afoul of your company’s travel policy.


Figure 5: The newly redesigned Fare Matrix also provides leg-by-leg options, so you can customize travel to suit your needs.


The Flight Details section now includes:

  • Rich, easy-to-scan flight details in a new expandable header


Figure 6: We’ve redesigned the Flight Details pane to show more information in a way that’s easier to read.


The Hotel Details section now includes:

  • Consistent buttons and experience with the rest of Concur Travel
  • Icons that identify potential policy issues and approval requirements


Figure 7: The new Hotel Details pane is consistent with the rest of Concur Travel—no more radio buttons!


The Train Details section now includes:

  • More globalized language (for example, we replaced the word rail with train)
  • Consistent selection and pricing
  • Richer details that are specific to train travel


Figure 8: The Train Details pane is now in more globalized language, with details specific to train travel.


These enhancements were vetted with both longtime Concur users and brand new users, all of whom tested the app thoroughly before its release. We also performed extensive usability testing on the enhancements, assigning users a specific task; studying how easy it was for users to perform that task, refining the process until it’s as simple and efficient as possible, and then releasing it to users.


We’re pleased to say that response has been overwhelmingly positive. If you do have a question or find an issue, submit a Solution Suggestion, contact Client Support, or reach out to your account team. We will be tracking bugs and change requests, and we will be continuously iterating on the app to resolve any remaining issues.


If you have questions or would like more information, see:


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