Meet a Concur Super Fan: Tricia Neal from Piedmont Natural Gas Company

Without a doubt, the most important voices we hear from on a daily basis are those of our clients. It’s incredibly rewarding to sit-down and talk with customers about how they’re using Concur, the value they see in our solutions and how Concur makes their life easier.

We recently sat down with Tricia Neal from Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc. Hands down; Tricia is a Concur Super Fan! She elicits everything it means to be a Concur Super Fan – she’s enthusiastic, vocal and devoted to ensuring that she’s delivering value to her organization on a daily basis.

Concur: Every time we talk with you, you seem so excited about the technology that helps you do your job. Tell us a bit more about that. Tricia: First thing every morning I start thinking about Concur and getting to work. It’s my self-motivating challenge to be one of the first to find out what’s new at Concur. I’m always trying to find out what’s going on, what’s coming out next and then start figuring out how it could help Piedmont.

When we first implemented Concur, I instantly fell in love with the product. It was even better than I had imagined. Overnight we went from a manual paper-driver environment to a much more efficient web-based automated solution. I call it our “no-excuse” expense reporting solution. Where there’s a computer – there’s Concur! When the decision was being made between Concur and another vendor, I thought we would end up with a Ford or Buick – but we didn’t. We went with the Cadillac – Concur! C: You light up when you talk about Concur. Why?

T: Because I love my job and I love working with the Concur products. Concur is such an innovative, forward-thinking company. Plus, they partner with some really awesome companies. C: We’ve heard you have quite a bit of Concur paraphernalia in your office. Tell us about the Concur branded items in your office and why you have so much of it.

T: I do. I try to bring back something cool with the words Concur on it each year from the client conference as a memento. I have all kinds of cool Concur “stuff” in my office. My most prized possession is a gold plated business cardholder my dear friend, Scott Milne, gave me. One day he pulled it out of his pocket and I immediately said I wanted one too. He took his cards out and handed it over to me. I treasure it and actually use it for my business cards. One of my favorite things is a drawing that I had made – a caricature. It is a drawing of me, sitting at a computer and the screen says “I luv Concur.” Also, I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain the Concur logo for my wall. I’m pretty proud of that and my ball cap that says “QuickXpense” (the name before it was changed to Concur). But I dare not keep the hat here at work and take the chance of it being taken. It’s irreplaceable now.

Everything on my desk basically says Concur: my mouse, my notebook, my pen, my walls, and my floor…Yes, even for the floor I have a big round sign with the word Concur and an arrow pointing to my desk. I also have a Concur mini-mouse for my PC that I keep in my Concur bag that I use when I’m out of the office – and the list goes on. Looking at these things, along with the picture of my grandkids on my desk, make me happy.

C: What is it about Concur that keeps you coming back for more?

T: Innovation. Concur seems to stay on top of the market and consistently comes out with great new features and products like the reporting solution, Concur Intelligence. I’ve been a client for many years and have watched their reporting solution evolve. Before Concur Intelligence, it took us one to two days to reconcile our account. Now, with Concur Intelligence, it usually takes less than one to two hours – not days. Plus, it provides me with all kinds of data for our managers and officers. Concur constantly listens to the needs of their clients and develops feature to help us do our job easier, quicker and better. That’s what makes them so fabulous.

C: Why are you a Concur super fan?

T: Simple – I love the product, service and the Concur associates. I still keep in touch with my first account manager and others that have changed positions or companies. I enjoy networking with all of them. They treat me like I’m special. I appreciate that about Concur.  

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