Concur product roadmaps: What to look for in upcoming releases

At Concur, ideas for new features come from a lot of different sources—including our customers.

We release updates to our products – Expense, Travel, Invoice, the Concur app – every month. These updates include everything from simple fixes and modified functionality, to brand new features. How do we plan out what goes into each month’s release? Much of that planning comes from listening to your feedback! We rely on your input to know what we need to change to help you take the perfect trip, or experience an expense report that writes itself. Last year, for example, your feedback helped us launch improvements to the Concur Travel user interface.

Recently I sat down with Erin Nardo, Senior Director of Product Portfolio Management at Concur, to talk about how Concur receives suggestions for product updates from customers. “We’re always improving the channels and mechanisms that customers use to give us feedback,” Erin says. “Of course, we read all customer feedback, but we also present at events, speak to customers, and offer early access programs for new features. Our goal is to take a fresh look at solutions to see how we can make them more effective.”

So how can you, as a user or administrator, submit ideas for new features to Concur? Start by reaching out to your account manager or client executive, who share suggestions with the appropriate product teams. “We aggregate your feedback, looking for trends and ideas that would really help our customers,” Erin says. We also consider market trends, new developments in technology and security, and how we can deliver the greatest value to the most customers.

One example of new product functionality that came from customer feedback is access to Concur Request in the mobile app. “We’d been hearing from users all over the world that they wanted the ability to submit travel requests on the go, and to approve them on the go as well,” Erin says. “We looked at what value we could provide with that, got it on the roadmap, and now we’re taking feedback from early users and refining it.” (Read more about Concur Request here.)

Want to see what new features made the cut for this year? Ask your account team to review the 2017 Concur roadmap with you. We maintain a product roadmap for each product. These product roadmap documents will tell you what features we plan to launch in the next two quarters, as well as what’s coming up in the six months beyond that. Your account team will be happy to review the roadmap with you.

You can see my full interview with Erin as part of the January edition of our product news show, “What’s New at Concur.”

If you have product suggestions you would like to share with us, look for Erin and her team at Concur Fusion 2017 (March 14-17 in Chicago, Illinois) – they would love to hear from you!

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