Concur partner team announces plans to attend WPC for the first time ever!

Open for business – WPC and Concur

As Microsoft says, its Worldwide Partner Conference is “where business gets done and new business begins.” That’s why Concur will be there, and it’s why we think you should join us. Microsoft calls its Worldwide Partner Conference, or WPC, “the essential event for its partners.” Scheduled for July 10-14 in Toronto, WPC is the largest event for Microsoft partners with more than 15,000 attendees from all over the planet.


Grow and profit, profit and grow

The partners who come to WPC will be looking to increase their profitability and accelerate growth. They’ll have plenty of chances – the week’s sessions feature tracks on increasing profitability, transforming your business, differentiating from the competition, partner to partner collaboration, and leading people, process and performance. The audience is mostly executives, and represents organizations from small businesses to giant enterprises.


Connect with the #1 SaaS provider of travel, expense and invoice solutions

Be one of the first people in the world to get a close-up look at Concur’s newly announced Office 365 integration. Imagine an Outlook calendar smart enough to know that you are taking a business trip as soon as a meeting is scheduled in a different city, and then easily book the travel right then and there.


From booking to expense report, connected, transparent, effortless

Having a business meeting over coffee? “Ding!”  Your coffee e-receipt shows up in your Outlook inbox, automatically identified and tagged. You immediately click “Send to Concur” and submit to your expense report right from your email. Now think about how your customers will appreciate that expense report which virtually writes itself, and how grateful they’ll be to the person who connected them with Concur and Office 365.


Revenue, value, benefits

For Microsoft Cloud partners, Concur provides another revenue stream, another way to add value, and a proven way to help your customers get the benefits of automating online.


Stop by the Concur booth to find out more about how you can extend your cloud practice by adding Concur solutions to your portfolio. Also learn how you can become a Concur partner and how you can work with the #1 SaaS solution in the world for invoice, expense, and travel. Here’s where you can register for WPC. And here’s where you can learn more about Concur.

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