At Concur, Innovative is Our Middle Name

Last week, Forbes announced their list of the world’s most innovative growth companies. Who made it to the top of their list? Concur. We couldn’t be more thrilled or honored.

What does innovative mean?

For Concur, it means being out there making big changes. It means always being on the lookout for how we can create better and new processes. It doesn’t just mean speed and pushing the envelope; although it means those things, too. Most of all, it means making positive changes that improve the lives of the people who use our products.

For Forbes, working with what they call their “Innovation Premium” it means looking at a company’s projected income, their anticipated growth, and their net present value. It’s another way of saying they’re looking at companies who are on the cutting edge, who are striving to deliver, who are looking for ways to increase the value to investors, to customers. It’s about not just setting expectations but exceeding them.

Of course, Concur could never achieve worldwide recognition like this without the people who make it all happen—and the people who make things happen at Concur are our employees. So in the end, what’s really being recognized is that Concur is fortunate to have some of the smartest, most talented people out there.

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