Concur for Windows Phone is Here at Last

Yes Virginia, there IS an alternative to Android and iOS. In fact, there are a whole lot of travelers in the world who love their Windows Phones. And now there’s a Concur for Windows Phone app to go along with them.

According to IDC, the gains made by Windows Phone "demonstrate both end-user demand and OEM support." It actually crept past BlackBerry in June with the largest year-over-year gain. And boy have we received a lot of requests from our end-users for Concur for Windows Phone. So, due in part to this continued groundswell, we'd like to share that our Concur mobile app for Windows Phone is available now in the Windows Phone store.



But let's be honest, we only have to read a few reviews to see that we still have some work to do. So it's important to keep in mind that the approach we've taken with our apps for other mobile devices has been similar: release functionality as we have it so we can get it into the hands of people who can best shape its development—savvy and passionate users.



Think of this release as a mere glimpse of things to come and rest assured that we will continue to add functionality—based on suggestions from users like you and added insight from our partners at Microsoft.

The initial release includes:

  • Trips (with Maps, Directions, Phone Numbers, etc.)
  • Travel Agency Contact Info
  • Trip Approvals
  • Receipt Capture
  • Receipt Store

We will continue to build out additional features like credit card feeds, the ability to capture Quick Expense information, travel booking and more.

This app is available for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 and can be downloaded from the Windows Phone store. Check it out. Use it. Review it (your feedback is invaluable). And then, send your product suggestions to


Photo credit: Vernon Chan


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