Introducing Concur for Amazon Fire Phone

This week Amazon released its first smartphone, Fire phone, to the world. Equipped with exciting features like it's 13MP camera, 1080p video, Firefly technology, and handheld shortcuts, the Fire phone proposes refreshing updates to the way consumers think about mobile. This device could be a game changer for the mobile marketplace in years to come.

For several weeks Concur developers have been hard at work crafting a new Android app that maximizes Fire’s enhancements to mobility. We wanted to create an app experience that would deliver the familiar Concur Android flow, but leverage smart new features of the phone in ways that improve our customers’ lives.

To capture the intricacies of developing an app especially for this new device, we took the time to sit down with Weston Winn, Concur’s Android Mobile Engineer. Here’s Wes’ review of the Fire Phone dev experience along with a sneak peek at Concur’s Fire Phone app available now in the Amazon App Store:


Key features of the Concur app on the Amazon Fire phone include:

Dynamic Perspective: One-handed shortcuts open drawers to useful menus, increasing efficiency and productivity on the road. New visual design functionality creates a dynamic look for the Concur app.

Enhanced Home Carousel: The Concur app provides relevant information to customers directly from the Fire Phone’s enhanced home carousel. A user can jump directly into customized features of the app – saving several clicks so that users can snap a receipt photo without even opening the app.

Android Apps & Tools: The Concur app features work exactly the same way they do on other Android devices, enabling an easy transition for mobile users.



Why business travelers will love it

The new app takes full advantage of time-saving and hands free functionality. With the flick of a wrist an exhausted traveler with arms occupied by luggage can single-handedly navigate to essential Concur Mobile features by tilting to open a menu drawer or go back to the home screen. The home carousel allows users to jump directly into features like receipt capture without  navigating through the app to launch the functionality. Concur's app for Fire takes advantage of opportunities to shorten processes so travelers can get back to business.

The Concur app is now available on the Amazon Appstore.


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