Concur Experiences Continued Mobile Growth

As I’m sure you’ve probably heard, this morning at Apple’s WWDC event in San Jose, CA, the iPhone 4 was officially unveiled. Understandably, there has been quite a bit of buzz around the latest version of the device and for good reason. In April alone, Apple sold some 7 million iPhone devices and market analysts expect the company to sell 36 million globally in 2010. In fact, if you don’t have one, Wal-Mart recently announced it will sell the 3GS version for just $97.

While the iPhone continues to set a blistering pace for both sales and application development, it’s not alone as there are multiple devices battling to capture both the consumer and enterprise market. In fact, according to research firm Gartner and mobile advertising firm AdMob, worldwide mobile phone sales grew 17 percent in the first quarter of this year. Between Nokia, Samsung, LG and RIM, makers of BlackBerry, these four companies combined to sell a staggering 212.7 million in the first quarter.

Today’s excitement around mobile provides us with a good opportunity to dive into our own mobile application usage statistics and serves as a great reminder as to why mobile technology is a huge focus for us here at Concur. In March of 2009, we launched Concur Mobile, a free tool that enables our clients to manage, create, approve and make changes to their trips and expense reports while on the road. It’s been exciting to see just how our clients are using the product. Since Concur Mobile’s launch, nearly 100,000 employees have enabled the application. Most people access Concur Mobile via BlackBerry, followed by iPhone and the Windows Mobile platforms.

We took a look at April figures for Concur Mobile and found clients using the solution for a variety of business travel and expense needs. Highest on the list was viewing itineraries with 52,000 views, followed by adding expenses (14,000) and approving expenses (12,000). In addition, clients can also view flight schedules, book hotel rooms and taxis, get directions, approve trips and manage invoices.

We view mobile as an integral part of our service offerings and will continue to drive innovation and development to help our clients do even more while on the go.

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