Concur Employee Profile: Yolanda M. Davis, Software Design Engineer and Dr. Who fan

Name:  Yolanda M. Davis
Concur Start Date: February 24, 2014
Hometown: Living in Atlanta, GA but Originally From Baltimore, MD
Favorite City in the World:So far? St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Favorite Workweek Lunch: Chipotle
Pets: None, but I do like animals


What’s your secret superpower?

My friends say that I do well as being a diplomat or a peacemaker. I hate conflict so I try my best to find common ground in any situation. And I’m a HUGE Dr. Who fan, which is not a superpower but is just critical to know about me.

Tell us about you in 100 words or less:

I am a Senior Software Design Engineer working within the R&D Team for Platform Services. Our main focus is to develop new applications and systems that will support our data analytics and reporting applications.We perform “full stack” development (both front and back end and all layers in between) using technologies and frameworks including Spring Framework, AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap.

If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn?

How to sew! My father’s mother had a gift for sewing that I wish I sat on her knee to learn.It would really come in handy.

What inspires you to be who you are?

The history of my family is rooted is community service; everyone from my grandmother to mother and aunts have worked in education or social work. So my inspiration is driven through their example of giving back in a meaningful way. My grandmother, Myrtle Bailey, is one of my greatest inspirations. After the death of her husband at a young age she was left to raise 7 children on her own, most of whom went to college or law school, and still found time be involved within local politics as well as build a community center.Her example demonstrated to me that the only limits we face are the ones we allow to be placed there.All things are possible!

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of? 

I don’t have a specific accomplishment that I’m most proud of, however I am happy to have the opportunity to serve our local community in meaningful ways. In the past two years I’ve worked with several organizations focused on delivering technology specific classes and events to minorities; everything from web & mobile app development to robotics.Also my work as a co-organizer of Technologists of Color on has been amazing!We focus on connecting and supporting the community of African Americans who work or look to work in the tech sector through networking events, information sessions and volunteer opportunities. Watching our group grow substantially over the past year demonstrates a need in the city of Atlanta that we are happy to fill. Feel free to check us out at

Tell us how your career journey landed you here at Concur?

Concur actually reached out to me.Given that the company is looking to enhance, and in many ways revamp, its technologies platform, my experience in Java development as it relates to reporting and data visualization led the recruiter my way.At the same time I was looking for an opportunity to expand my skills related to data analysis and grow professionally. Landing at Concur proved to be a win-win solution!


What’s the best thing about working at Concur?

For me the opportunity to work in R&D has been a lot of fun.Having the flexibility to innovate in a growing and changing field is the best form of freedom as a developer or architect.


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