Concur Employee Profile: Denny Lee

Concur Start Date: 10/4/2013

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Favorite Global Cities: Seattle, WA, USA; Taipei, Taiwan; Montréal, Canada

Favorite Workweek Lunch: In San Francisco: RNG Lounge and La Mar.In Seattle: Salumi. I’m bit of a foodie.

Pets: None…yet

About Denny Lee

I lead the Data Platform Engineering team focusing on infrastructure and analytics to support our Big Data endeavors.I have been working in web analytics and distributed computing through most of my career and had helped the incubator team that built Microsoft’s Hadoop offering - hence my passion for Big Data.Concur has an amazing array of business travel data – together with Big Data we hope to help business travelers build the Perfect Trip.

What inspires you to be who you are?

My family – my wife Hua-Ping and two awesome daughters Isabella and Samantha – are what inspire me every day.They keep my feet on the ground while I shoot for the stars (yes, I just used a Casey Kasem quote).

How would you explain #BigData to one of your daughters?

After explaining that it’s the biggest buzz word on the planet right now, I would explain #BigData as a massive volume of Lego blocks of different shapes and sizes.With all that variety, and how quickly I can get more Lego blocks, I can imagine new and different ways to build toys or objects (perform new novel analytics).

When I was her age, the Lego blocks were only squares and rectangles. I could build a lot of buildings and boxes, which was great at that time (relational databases), but with Lego blocks in all shapes and sizes (variety of data) and easy ability to order more Legos (velocity), there is no limit in to what you can build.

What do you like about working at Concur?

It’s all about the people and the product – and more specifically the depth of data.As a data geek, what wakes me up in the morning is the opportunity to search for interesting patterns with the ultimate goal of making business travel better.As a person, it’s great to work with a diverse group of people driven to serve our customers and deliver the Perfect Trip!

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