Concur Drive Now Available

SAP Concur is pleased to announce the general availability of Concur Drive – a for purchase service – on the mobile app. Using Drive, users can automatically use GPS to track their travel distance in one of two ways:

  1. Manual Start/Stop. This method allows a driver to initiate GPS tracking with a click of a button and then stop when they want their trip to end. This is a good option for drivers who want more control over the trips that are being captured.
  2. Automatic (scheduled). Drivers set up the date and time range during which the app will automatically track trips by detecting car movement - for example, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. This option is for drivers who want to be almost exclusively hands off.

Once distance tracking is activated – either manually or automatically – on the mobile device, the SAP Concur mobile app captures the various routes the user takes. These routes are available in Concur Expense, either on the web version or within the Concur app. From there, the user can select the segments to add to an expense report.

Since Drive uses GPS, tracking distance is easier and more accurate. In addition, the company can create audit rules that remind its users to use Drive or to provide a comment if they don't.

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