Concur Donates Close to $65,000 for Haiti Earthquake Relief

The devastation and tragic human toll resulting from the recent earthquake in Haiti is difficult to comprehend. This region will need the continued attention of the global community, not just in these weeks and months after the earthquake, but for many years to come.

Tragic events like the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile remind us all – companies and individuals alike – of the responsibility we have as members of the global community. These events are also often catalysts for action. We at Concur have the good fortune to work at a company and live within a country whose capacity for compassion never ceases to amaze me.

I recently announced at the Fusion client event that Concur would be donating $25,000 to the Haitian relief effort. Not to be outdone, the Concur executive team personally matched that figure. And then, our employees mobilized, adding their individual contributions to that total, and now, Concur and its employees have pledged close to $65,000 to help the people of Haiti. These donations will go to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund to help the Haitian people reclaim their country and rebuild their lives.

On behalf of all of all Concur employees around the globe, we salute the critical relief efforts that vital organizations like the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund are providing on the ground in places such as Haiti as they conduct the hard work needed to bring aid and comfort to the region. I encourage our clients and partners to do what they can in supporting these efforts, and I thank all the employees at Concur for once again exceeding my expectations and confirming that I do have the privilege of working with a special group of people.

In the immediate aftermath of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CBHF) was created to respond to unmet needs in the country, foster economic opportunity, improve the quality of life over the long term for those affected, and assist the people of Haiti as they rebuild their lives and “build back better.” The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund will do this by working with and supporting the efforts of reputable 501(c)(3) nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations. President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush oversee the CBHF through their respective nonprofit organizations, the William J. Clinton Foundation and Communities Foundation of Texas. One hundred percent of donations received by the Clinton Foundation and the Communities Foundation of Texas go directly to relief efforts.

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