The Concur Company Culture

With employees who speak French, German, Hindi, and Japanese, opportunities abound to learn something new every day. Outside the U.S., we have offices in Prague, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Canada, Australia, India and Japan. Most of us are really good at making time zone adjustments in our head. “Scheduling a call with the UK office? Add eight hours. India? They’re half a day ahead.”

We’ve come a long way from our early days.


Eighteen years ago, Concur was the dream of three people—three people who were pretty sure there was a better way to do an expense report rather than the completely manual process used back then. When Concur first started, spreadsheets were a newfangled concept and most of the ones we use so prominently today were just a twinkle in their developer’s eye.

Steve Singh, Mike Hilton and Rajeev Singh set out to create a company that would automate the process through technology. They worked night and day to develop the software that would one day become QuickXpense. And a few years after that, with the help of hundreds of talented people along the way, Concur launched the product that has over 7 million users now—the product that blends travel and entertainment expenses together.



As the company grew, Steve, Mike and Rajeev strongly believed that company culture can make or break a company. Building the company and what it stood for received just as much energy and effort as developing the product. Some people ask, “What do we want our company culture to be?” and other people say, “We don’t have time to think about company culture.” Not here at Concur. It’s something we set out at the beginning to craft, design and build. It’s one of the things that we think accounts for our success: our people.

At Concur, our company culture means gathering up a group of passionate, smart, interesting people and watching them dig in to ideas. It means setting out a challenge and letting people creatively and innovatively figure out a solution.


We don’t hire for grade point averages or typing speed. We actively recruit for people who are truly committed to our customers. Whether it’s in research and development, account services, or client support, the people who work at Concur genuinely want to ensure that our customers get the best product, best service, and best support out there.

We fundamentally believe that our people are the foundation of a great and enduring business. It’s what we built our company on.

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