Concur and Salesforce Work Together to Create Concurforce

Think about your last business trip. You had a meeting scheduled with a prospect or client, booked your travel and headed out for your meeting. Along the way, you probably stuffed your receipts in envelopes. Once you returned, that’s when you did your expense report. But wouldn’t it be nice if all these activities were tied together?

With Concurforce—the new offering that integrates and Concur—that’s what you’ll get. Seamlessly connect and manage all aspects of your sales and client service opportunities, all while spending less time working on administrative tasks like booking travel and tracking expenses. With the integration of Concur and Salesforce, you’ll now be able to book your flight, book your hotel, and manage your itinerary with TripIt Pro—all while tracking your expenses and collaborating with your colleagues, too.

According to Concur CEO Steve Singh, he and Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, have “always known it makes sense for our two companies to work together.” Both companies have long been defining the cloud-computing space and it was only a matter of time before the two collaborated as a means toward helping their mutual customers.

Steve Singh discusses more about the next phase of cloud computing in the following video, as well as its promise to allow applications and companies to collaborate and communicate with each other. “We see significant additional opportunities in how we might work together,” says Singh. “But it’s fundamentally rooted around a shared vision for where the technology and the industry ought to go. It’s fundamentally rooted in trust, it’s fundamentally rooted in a mutual respect for what our two companies can accomplish and more importantly, what we can accomplish together.”

Now, just imagine your next business trip.

Learn more about Concurforce. 

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