Concur Advisor Says: "All My Clients Need Concur!"

George Kaplan, CPA and head of his own accounting and consulting firm, says all his clients need Concur, they just may not know it yet. Soon they will, if George has anything to say about it.

And he does have a lot to say about Concur Breeze. George had seen his clients struggle with inadequate documentation for purchases made via credit card. From his own experience, he knew Concur Breeze was easy to use, with comprehensive features and handy links to QuickBooks. As he started recommending Concur Breeze to clients through the Concur Advisor Program, they became more confident and their documentation of expenses improved dramatically. Concur Breeze also saved his clients time, exactly what every businessperson needs.

George Kaplan, PC works to customize projects to meet the exact needs of its individual clients. This year, the firm’s biggest challenge is incorporating new technologies they’re discovering. But their efforts are worth it. George says, “We help clients improve their lives.”

Whether it’s making business easier by introducing systems to capture and report financial transactions, or devising tax strategies to minimize costs and maximize wealth preservation, George Kaplan, PC provides exceptional services to clients across many industries throughout the U.S.

George’s company was founded in 1991 in historic Salem, Massachusetts. Its staff of six is trained both in technology and professional services, to recognize and implement the best systems to efficiently meet clients’ needs.

George is very involved in Salem’s community. He’s a member of the Salem Rotary Club and serves as chairman of the Rotary International Foundation Committee. He is on the Board of Directors and is a finance committee member for the North Shore Family Health Center. And he serves as the treasurer and a Board member for the Temple B’nai Abraham, in nearby Beverly, Massachusetts.

Around his business and civic responsibilities, George keeps pace with his active family.He also enjoys hiking and skiing.On his bookshelf right now are a Steve Jobs biography and “Thinking Fast and Slow,” by Nobel laureate Dan Kahneman, which compares quick, intuitive thinking with slower, more deliberate logic. Both books, George says are “more interesting than I expected.”

And as his busy firm helps companies set their strategies for the year ahead, this new knowledge, along with technologies such as Concur Breeze, will serve him well.

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