Concur Advisor Program Connects Accounting Professionals with Clients

Most CPAs and tax professionals can tell horror stories of clients bringing in boxes of spreadsheet-based reports—reports covered in staples and tape. Once their hearts start to beat again, they expertly eye those stacks of paper with an estimate of how long it will take them to re-key in all that data into a tax return. For these CPAs and tax professionals, and even for the small and mid-sized business owners, those boxes of paper represent a lot of time wasted.

What if that accountant or consultant knew of a way to help streamline that process? And then shared it with that business owner so that all that much-needed time isn’t wasted? With the new Concur Advisor Program, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Through membership in the program, Concur provides intensive training and support to accountants and consultants about managing expenses so that they can make informed and indispensable recommendations to their clients. They’ll be able to help their clients navigate the travel and expense management process—a process that for many small and mid-sized businesses leads to frustration, confusion, and—without reporting and visibility found in a program like Concur Breeze—potential expense fraud.

Best yet, small and mid-size business owners get access to accountants and consultants they trust. Consultants combine the power of automated expense management with business owners’ unique expertise to provide advice and recommendations about how to improve their business.


What can this program do for me?


For accountants and consultants:

By joining the Concur Advisor Program, you position your firm to better serve the thousands of small and mid-sized businesses who are looking for financial experts to help their business grow and succeed.

Through partnering with the leader in travel and expense management, members receive exclusive access to:

  • Concur solutions, training and support.


  • Courses that are focused on the setup, integration and application of travel and expense management rules and best practices.


  • Concur’s expertise in expense management—expertise that members can pass on to their clients.

For small and mid-sized business owners:

When you hire/find a Concur Advisor, you’ve partnered with an expert who is dedicated to help you and your business succeed.

You’ll be able to:

  • Gain insights on how your business spends its money so that you can make better decisions as well as help ensure policy compliance and prevent fraud.


  • Give your accountant an organized and fully documented record that will also help you maximize your deductions at tax time.


  • Find more time in your day with a more efficient expense system that is suited to your business. Spend less time taping, stapling or re-keying in data and more time concentrating on your business.


How can you sign up?

Accountants and small business consultants can learn more about the benefits, discounts and other opportunities of the Concur Advisor Program at


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