Concur Advantage: An Inside Look

A couple weeks ago, Concur announced the availability of Concur® Advantage, an extended set of client services designed to help clients maximize their Concur solution. We recently sat down with Todd Tower, Director of Concur Advantage, to get a behind the scenes look into Concur Advantage.

As an 11 year veteran of Concur, Todd has extensive background with the company, our clients and T&E best practices. He shares below the importance of Concur Advantage and life outside of work.

Q: How was the idea of Concur Advantage born?

A: The idea for Concur Advantage was born after hearing from many customers that they really felt like Concur could provide them extra help needed beyond what was included in our standard services. So we created a collection of services based on specific client scenarios. For example, there was one call when with a client who was explaining they’d had turnover on their support side. They had no idea where to go to learn about their specific configuration, not a generic training site. And, for the client, it was daunting to think about handling their travel, expense and reporting. At the time, we didn’t offer anything that was as robust as Concur Advantage. So, we thought, why don’t we come up with a boot camp for the client? We’d walk the client through how to manage the travel and expense process. The client thought it was great. We delivered the service, a Concur® Travel & Expense boot camp, and just kept doing it for more and more clients.

And for those customers, who don’t have that resource at all, we created Service Administration and with that service we do the work for them. That’s what’s great about Concur Advantage, we can enable you to become an expert, or provide an expert directly to you.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

A: I love what I do. I love this stuff. We’ve got a solution for just about everything. We’re offering end-user support, configuration assistance, managed reporting. I get to talk with prospects and our clients – from a variety of different companies. Our prospects and clients are such a great group of people.

Plus, I get to work with people in nearly all departments at Concur. Everyday I work with people in every department at Concur from Account Management, Support, R&D to Marketing. I love the variety.

Q: Tell us about the Concur Advantage team.

A: We have a really good cross-section of experts on the Concur Advantage team, from travel experts to expense functional experts to technical experts. The team is built of people who can perform multiple roles and the average tenure on the team is more than seven years. My team makes my job easier. I know when I make a promise to a customer – no matter how crazy -- I know that we will keep them – because my team’s the best. What’s also great is – I don’t have to worry about whether we’re going to solve a problem. I know we have people on my team that can solve any problem and be supported by the rest of the company.

The team meets once a week. And, the first thing we do is a roundtable and let people share. Usually people share what they’ve learned that week and what they think their peers might get value out of. Or even things as simple as travel tips. We leave it open.

Q: When you’re not at work, what are you doing?

A: I travel a lot for work, but when I’m not traveling, I spend all my time with my family. I have three daughters and a lovely wife. They make it possible for me to do the work I do and I really try to give all of the rest of my time to them.

I’m also a cyclist. I enjoy endurance cycling. Not competitively, though, except when I ride with other Concur employees, then it becomes a competition (laughs). I’ve done the Seattle to Portland and a South Dakota ride.

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