Competition Makes You Better – the Seattle Shoot-out

This is a guest post from Smartsheet Founder Brent Frei. Smartsheet makes an online project management solution that employs a spreadsheet-like interface on top of a powerful work automation engine.

Smartsheet has done the equivalent of poking LeBron James in the chest and saying, “We can beat you in a game of one on one”. Our friendly battle with two other great Seattle companies, Concur and Gist, has been a fun way to focus our growth efforts inside the Google Apps Marketplace. Competing against great players elevates your game.

We’re competing to see who can sign up the most Google Apps users the fastest . What’s at stake? The losing company buys beers for the winning teams, donates $500 to the charity of the winner’s choice and provides the winning teams with a year of free service— and, has to live with the stigma of losing the Seattle tech version of "Nothing but Net."

As a reader of the Concur Breeze blog, you are clearly familiar with their great online expense reporting software, but you might not know much about Smartsheet.

Smartsheet is great for managing any kind of work: online project management, sales pipeline management, product management, marketing event planning, HR processes and crowdsourcing to name a few. Anything you track and manage in a spreadsheet and email can be converted to a Smartsheet. Many companies run the majority of their operations on Smartsheet.

Anyone can easily sign up and go with our 30 day trial. Use one of our templates, start from scratch or import your current spreadsheets or projects as is. Smartsheet conforms to you.

Between us, Concur and Gist, the competition is shaping up to be fierce! We felt it’s only fair to provide some background so Concur readers know what the company is up against (Concur may be the LeBron in this competition, but we’re wily).

Game on!

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