Cliqbook and Concur Travel are One and the Same

Where did Cliqbook go? I can’t tell you how many times people came to the Concur booth at past GBTA conventions to ask where the Cliqbook booth was! So, last year we made changes to all our product offerings and made it easier for customers to find and engage with Concur. Our travel solution is no longer called Cliqbook; it’s known as Concur Travel.

The name change better fits in with Concur’s offering: Travel and Expense. Hand in hand. Together. Just like peanut butter and jelly. This way, we’ve been better able to help people and customers and clients identify the product they need based on the need they have. Do you need an expense solution? A travel solution? Or both?

No matter what it’s called, Concur Travel retains all the same great features you found in Cliqbook:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customized results
  • Google Maps integration
  • E-Receipts partnerships
  • Reduced travel costs

Plus, recently we announced our partnership with in the UK, making rail booking even easier. Users can view prices, check availability, reserve seats and purchase tickets all from the Concur Travel screen. For business travelers in the U.S., the same functionality is available with Amtrak.

While you may have already seen the change to Concur Travel on our website or on other materials, rest assured that the name change does not have an impact on your product, your contract, or terms of service. Many of us have known Cliqbook for a lot of years, and our product is still there…just with a new name.

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UPDATE 07/31/2012


Several members of the Concur community have asked where they can find more information about Concur Travel after learning that Cliqbook has ridden off into the sunset. Here’s a list of links that might help you out:

Concur Travel for US customers
Concur Travel for UK customers
Concur Travel for French customers
Concur Travel for German customers
Concur Travel for Australian customers

If you are visiting from another international location and still need help, please locate your country on our sitemap, and Contact Us.

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