CIO Prefers Software-as-a-Service Over On-premise ERP Solution

Computerworld’s Patrick Thibodeau recently wrote of IT Managers’ continued embrace of cloud-based services as well as some of the risks – both security and legally related – that comes with it, saying “There is a cloud services panoply emerging that is challenging such things as in-house ERP module deployments, or the need for consulting services to solve data integration problems.”

Highlighting various enterprises who have adopted SaaS, Thibodeau spoke with IT Managers about the decisions behind these changes.

Tom Honan, senior vice president and CIO of CapitalSource Bank, discussed why he rejected his existing Oracle ERP system for Concur:

The bank, for instance, had a choice of adding a module to its existing Oracle ERP system for expense and travel, but decided on cloud-based services from Concur Technologies. Part of the reason Honan rejected the Oracle module is that he would have had to expand his software licenses beyond users of the financial system to other employees. "Suddenly, I'm basically looking at having to license our entire workforce," he said.

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