ChartWise Medical Systems Increases Efficiency and Goes Paperless with Concur Breeze

Concur Breeze simplifies the expense reporting process for small businesses, like yours. Here’s a new client case study that demonstrates how one company uses Concur Breeze to help them increase efficiency, save time and go paperless.

ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc. was founded on a mission to simplify and improve the clinical documentation process for hospitals. The company's products help ensure efficiency and accuracy, making it no surprise that they wanted to ensure the same qualities in its expense reporting process. "Moving to an automated process was a given," says Mary Cooper, ChartWise's executive vice president. "The challenge was finding an affordable solution for our small but growing company." Enter Concur® Breeze.

Having worked with Concur solutions in previous roles at other companies, Cooper was excited to learn of Concur Breeze. By using Concur Breeze, ChartWise has realized a number of benefits, including:

  • A paperless system; in the past, expense reports were done manually on spreadsheets.


  • Automated and standardized online processes that can be completed while working remotely.


  • Time savings for both report submitters and approvers; Cooper expects this benefit to increase as the company grows.


  • Gaining needed functionality at a comfortable price point.


  • Access to an extremely responsive support team.

"I love the simplicity of Concur Breeze," says Cooper. "The solution—without getting too watered down— gives us just what we need to get the job done. It's user-friendly and very intuitive. Our employees are thrilled."

Cooper notes that her previous experience with Concur solutions and the Concur support team also helped with her decision to purchase Concur Breeze. "The solution itself and the support team have been fabulous, and I knew they would be. I was very excited to see that Concur had a product for a company our size. It seems like Concur Breeze should cost more than it does. I'm gaining far more value than the per-user, per-month fee."

Cooper is confident that Concur Breeze will handle ChartWise’s growth. “It has the features and functionality to handle more employees and significant growth. And from my past experience with Concur, I know that if we outgrow Concur Breeze, we’ll move easily to the next Concur solution.”

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