Celebrating National Small Business Week

Next week is National Small Business Week—a time to celebrate the small business owners who help drive the American economy, fuel innovation, and support their communities.

It’s estimated that there are over 27 million small businesses in America alone. Just think of how many more small business owners are out there when you include the rest of the world. That’s a lot of restaurants, salons, housekeeping services, medical companies, accounting firms, pharmacies, farms, legal services, construction companies, childcare services, consulting firms, boutique hotels, data services, technology companies, bakeries, graphic design firms, and craft breweries out there. And that list doesn’t even begin to cover the variety and breadth of all the small businesses worldwide, each owned and operated by passionate, dedicated and time-strapped people.

These are the people who saw an opportunity and took a risk. They had a dream and set out to turn that dream into reality. Their employees, community and customers are all grateful that they did. They know, and we know, that you’re making incredible sacrifices on behalf of your small business.

Thank you for your hard work. And thank you for following that dream.


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