Celebrate National Small Business Week with Concur

Happy National Small Business Week!

This week, small businesses from across the country will gather in Washington DC to recognize the incredible impact American entrepreneurs are making on the revitalization of our economy. After all, two out of every three American jobs are created by small businesses.

President Obama has said time and again, that “our recovery depends on them.” Even more telling, the phrase “small business” appeared in the Congressional record more than 10,000 times in just the past two years, according to the Sunlight Foundation Capitol Words database.

It’s a perfect time for organizations from coast-to-coast to observe National Small Business Week by celebrating their success and growth over the last year. And at Concur, we know that small business’ success plays a major part in our success.

So now is our chance to say “Thanks!” Our Concur Small Business and TripIt for Business customers are our lifeblood, and allow us to be a part of their exciting entrepreneurial world.

How can you say thanks? Well, supporting them with your patronage is a great start. But beyond that, why not doing a little something else to brighten the day of your favorite small business? With the help of Someecards.com, we’ve created four cards that we are sharing with our valued small business customers to say “Thanks” and wish them a Happy National Small Business Week.

And we encourage you to do the same! So go ahead, in celebration of National Small Business Week, visit our Facebook page or Someecards.com to share these cards with your favorite small businesses and entrepreneurs, and thank them for providing the products and services that often can’t be found elsewhere.


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